Krazy Kosmonauts Krush Kompetition


I like Kosmonauts. I liked it more the first time I played it but I still liked it the second time and am sure I’ll like it next time whenever that will be.

I especially like it because it’s Russian and it has a strong K in the title. Fantastic

Kosmonauts is a fairly simple robo rally type game but purely based on movement. There’s no messing about with shooting and bumping, this solar system is more than big enough for the two (to four) of us

Each turn the current player (moves on each turn) moves all the planets around their track and the rather zippy Haley’s comet then picks a Global effect from a display of three cards. These take the form of solar winds that give a boost in one direction (usual not the one you want), restricts certain actions or removes or rewards fuel. Each of these global effects can be cancelled for you by burning one of your three non regenerating shield which also come in handy when you scream through the asteroid belt near solar central.


The whole game is a bit like skipping where knowing when to jump on and out of the rotating planets will pay dividends.  I surprises me how little time you need to think about your move, granted you do need to move your lips while you’re figuring it out but it’s fairly straightforward.

Now here’s where it takes a bit of a twist and the game becomes a bit hard to figure. At the start of the game you secretly get a choice of three missions from a possible six drawn ones. These missions are to get to a certain planet but the rub is you have to choose in advance if you reckon (a scientific measure)  you will be first or second to land on that Planet.

This makes the game almost modern art hard to Strategise. I’m sure given a few games it would become more obvious but I struggled a bit with it.  As look would have it my standard strategy or no strategy worked fine.

The game ends when someone has reached all their planets and gotten back to earth but you can see this happening easily enough and it leads to more risky burns from everyone else to make your missions before your opponent does

I like this game. It’s pretty simple. It’s different (I understand high frontier is a little similar but a lot more complex). It’s fast. It’s fun. I’d definitely play it again and keep and eye out for it.

So should you komrade




Economical with the truth


I did see a couple of the pirates of the Caribbean films. Truth be told I fell asleep during the first one. Watched it again and promptly fell asleep again. That’s neither here nor there and I since watched it again and haven’t fallen asleep. In one of them they play a game that is liars dice. End of review.

UNLESS like me you’ve never seen that movie in question in which case it’s a push your luck game played with dice and a communal “hand”.

Each person starts with five dice in a shaker and secretly rolls them then the starting player calls a challenge. “I bet there are Four Threes in the group of dice (all 20)” they might yell


The next player has to call “PULL THE OTHER ONE!” (or equivalent but probably involving anatomy) or raise the bet. And so it goes until one player calls BS and either the bet is met or failed. Whomever fails loses one of the their dice and it continues until only one player has dice

It’s simple. It’s light. It’s fun. Reminds me a bit of skull and roses. You could make it up with a sheet of A4 and a stack of dice (and I encourage you to do just that)

I picked it up cheap in the big buy and sell at Knavecon. It would have been a sin to leave it behind so I’m going to justify my tenner

Game length is short. You can have it played in fifteen mins and it’s a nice wind down game at the end of the day. Apart from a hearty pirate Yargh! I have nothing to add




GRRRRRR! Dino-saur


I got to play Rampage late LATE at Knavecon. It’s pure silliness mixed in with equal parts charm and big stompy monsters. Anyone here remember chaos orb from magic the gathering? No? Damn I’m old

It was an early silly card which you dropped onto another players cards and it destroyed whatever it touched. Rampage reminds me of this.

It borrows the name from the old Bally Midway game rampage. Oh and the monsters. Eh and the concept can’t imagine why they would threatened legal action against the designers.

The object of the game is to score points as a monster destroying buildings and eating locals. I’m all in!

Got to play it again last night



The game is expensive and hard to find as it’s out of print. It’s a pretty sturdy game, it has to be since a lot of the pieces will undergo kinetic testing every round. Big colorful wooden monsters and pieces along with sturdy cardboard building floors makes for a visually impressive set-up

The rules are pretty straightforward with monsters allowed to take two actions per turn which could be move, elbow drop on a building, blow at targets or flick a truck. After each of these actions any building with unoccupied visible floors can be consumed revealing tasty humans (meeples) to chow down on. Just before you end your turn you can eat as many humans in your Vicinity as you have teeth (six to start with)

The real fun starts when one monster muscles in on another’s patch and robust exchanges initiate.

photo 1

Knocking another monsters teeth out banshee style not only reduces his scoring potential but scores you points too. All consumed teeth and meeples wind up in your stomach (your player screen) and full sets of six meeples with one of each colour. (Blondes, old folks, reporters, eh foreign nationals etc.) score big points so a balanced diet is key for a modern monster

Each monster starts with a couple of special abilities (long tail, wrestling champ that sort of thing) and a one shot nasty ability which can swing the game (but quite often fizzles out like a damn (giant) squid) (I know) because of your sloppy aim.  WHAT where you thinking?

This is NOT by any means a serious game insofar as any game is serious. It’s purely for fun and winning is neither here nor there (I won the game on Thur night by a long chalk /fist pump).

The gaming fraternity is very split on this game. Pure Marmite

Relax…. it’s a bit of fun if you don’t like it don’t play it. Ignore the pressure, just say no. If on the other hand you do play you’ll get to try something unique. There’s skill and planning in here there’s tactics. There’s very little strategy and there’s a fair bundle of luck.


photo 2 - Copy

Last week we had flicking in Ascending Empires this week Rampage. Next week subetteo? We’re certainly in different territory with the games of late but that’s no bad thing

Worker placement, map conquest? Pah! The future is monster flicky games (for at least a forthright)




What should I bring to Knavecon?


What should I bring?

Bring yourself.  If you have a game or two you like bring them too.  If there’s a game you own and haven’t tried yet, bring it along and there’s bound to be someone who knows the rules and will be happy to play with you.
What Time and ’til when?

Knavecon is a one day event albeit a LONG day.  We start at 10am and finish some time Sunday morning.  Come along whatever time you like.  Play as a little or as much as you like.


Will there be competitions?

There will be a number of fun competitions running during the day, nothing serious. Prizes will be games or tickets to other cons.


Are kids welcome?
Absolutely. Accompanied children are admitted free. All unsupervised children will be sold to the goblin king


Will there be any events during the day?

We plan on running werewolf, cash and guns live, 30 seconds, x-wing, pegasus bridge and one or two other games during the day along with all the impromptu games that will happen.  Grab a game and try it or join a group for a game their running, whatever you fancy


I’ve never played games before will this convention suit me?

Absolutely.  You’ll be a veteran gamer by the time you leave 🙂


Are there any rules of conduct?

Don’t be a dick and respect the games you’ve been leant.  Return them in the same fashion you received them


Anything else?

Have fun, relax and enjoy the day.  It’s going to be good






Holy Monkeys only 3 days to Knavecon IV


Next Saturday is Knavecon IV.  It’s going to be a GOOD day.  A lot of work has been put in place to make sure it all runs smoothly and I’m looking forward to it.  I’m currently in the eye of the storm having done a lot of prep work and come Saturday I’m looking forward to a good, extended, relaxed day of drinking coffee, eating rubbish and playing some awesome games, more than likely against people who don’t know me that well and have not been told “don’t trust Vic”.

The stage is set, the wheels are in motion, additional generic metaphor.

Let’s rock up, kick some ass and take names

See you all on Saturday!




Last Thur we gamed


Well the weather was starting to look all boardgamey so it seemed only appropriate to not fight with it.  I’ll come back to the main game of the night later but for now I have to mention the wind down game we played or more accurately survived

Panic Lab!

is a kids game.  Seeing a trend here?  Which is very simple but with the addition of a few rules makes it’s an adult game and a complete head wrecker.  In one of the circles of Hell they’re playing Panic Lab right now with pitch forks and electric shocks.  If you wanted to break and enemy agent or find out where treasure is buried, force them to play Panic Lab, they’ll crack sooner rather than later.


I reckon (a scientific measure) that as a kids game, someone that masters this game should be locked up away from the rest of society.  It’s like mirrors, it’s not natural.


The game of course is simple.  You spread the cards in a circle and they consist (depending on how hard you want to make it and how much you hate your brain)

  • Start Points
  • Creatures
  • Transformers (optional)
  • Vents (optional)

You then roll the four dice and it dictates

The colour creature you’re looking for (red/blue), Spots or Stripes, Travel Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise and whether it’s a ghost or a slug type creature.  First one to spot it sticks a finger on it and claims a point, get it wrong they loose a point.  Simple so far….

Here’s where it all goes wrong.  Along the way you have Transformers (not those ones)



And these little honeys swap around what you’re looking for.  So now you’re looking for a striped creature and now you’re looking for a blue one.

Let’s not stop there, along the way are vents, go onto one and you teleport to the next vent and continue from there.  It’s quite possible to wind up (in your mind) doing a few revolutions of the circle before you find the little fella you want.  Do this before everyone else does it, ignore the foam on players mouths.  Mind Blown.

Seems very simple but try it and you’ll find a new level of profanity issuing from your lips as you get it wrong again and lose a point

The game is cheap as chips.  About a €10 or so.  It is very intense so you couldn’t play more than a few games but while you’re in that masochistic zone it’s a very “interesting” experience.  It’s great with kids, start them off without the transformers and vents.

I’m certainly going to pick up a copy of it but I’m not sure if that says more about me than the game

It’ll be a Knavecon



The Gathering in the house!


It wouldn’t be a Knavecon without the guys from The Gathering in Limerick.  I Dropped in yesterday evening and we agreed a loose soon to be less loose plan.  The guys are going to be bringing some really nice toys to the party

Pegasus Bridge


Anyone who went to conclave will remember this incredible Bolt Action scenario.  They guys are going to be running it at the con

Expect a showing of BattleTech and Magic the Gathering on the day too

The Gathering is running Magic on the Sunday as well so if you’ve down for Knavecon make a weekend of it and jump in to the MTG competition on the Sunday as well

Can’t ask for better than that!



There are Four Lights! – Thur part 1


I should have known better, WE should have known better than to get involved in a game picked by Krystian from The Boardgame Guys.  His last head wrecker was Dobble and I’d only just recovered from that.  Krystian subjected us to Cockroach Salad.

Cockroach salad just like Dobble is a simple game which consists of a stack of cards which are either Tomatoes, Peppers, Lettuce or Cauliflower (or cockroaches).  Now it took me a bit to get my head around the rules, mostly because my mind was going “Is that it?”.  This is a weird game, it shouldn’t work but it does.  The deck of maybe a 100 cards is split amongst all the players and your goal is to get rid of your hand as quickly as possible.  Now the fun starts.  Here’s the rules if you don’t understand them give me a ring and I’ll try to explain them as best I can 🙂


You lay a card and call out what it is  so  Pepper, Tomato, Cauliflower,  Lettuce or cockroach.  Easy so far..

Now if the card you are laying on has the same type as the previous one you have to call out a different veg e.g. you play a tomato and there’s one already below it directly you call out say Pepper or one of the other four vegetables (yes I know tomatoes are not vegetables).   Still with me?

Now if a cock-a-roche appears it has a vegetable with a cross through it so you can’t call that one out for a bit at all.   Losing you?

On top of this you only have 3 seconds to call out your veg and it’s a recipe for a lot of effin’ and blindin’

Screw up and call the wrong one and you take the stack of cards that’s built up.

I liked it.  It’s Not a game you could keep playing, it messes with your head in the same way as “yes, no and yeah” does, I reckon a few too many games of this and your synapses would be rewired irrevocably and you’d have to communicate purely by mime and clicks.


Great kids game.  Once again we have a polish game that’s great for kids and adults (brain damage accepted).  It’s going to be at Knavecon and I reckon I’ll be getting a copy.  As one of the guys said last night (and I’m paraphrasing), “in hell there’s people playing this game as punishment.”






on an X-Wing and a prayer (just an X-Wing really)


Ok I’m hooked. X-wing fever has caught hold. A sure sign is how my browser (on a number of PCs) seems to think I want squad builder when I press any letter on the keyboard.

Being silly season, we were only four last Thur and when deciding on what to play nearly everyone said “X-wing!” And so it was

No 100 point battles for us. 200pts a side? PAH! It was a full on, leaded, tackle out, no holds barred, stomp a man when he’s down 300pts a side! A real mans game and we were real men

Now X-wing is great. Lovely fantastic super but it DOES take time to setup. I reckon we were well over half an hour just setting the whole thing up powered by multiple coffees , co-operation (still getting over that) and good cheer (Drax didn’t make it), Well worth the set-up entrance fee

photo 1

The Imperials (not me) took

2 x FireSprays
1 x Tie advanced
1 x Lamda class shuttle
3 x Tie interceptors (maybe it was 4)
1 x Tie Defender
1 x Tie Phantom

All top class ships none of your tie fighter muck here. All kitted out with CD players, air con and cruise control. In other words we have the models let’s throw them out there and see what happens.

On the rebel scum side (me)

6 x X-wings. Count them
The falcon
1 x Y Wing
1 x A wing

photo 2

The rebels had gone heavy missile so it was going to be noisy and fast.

Our team in the grand tradition had ignored each other during squad design and just picked our ships as the mood took us

The plan from the rebel side was to hang back and let rip with all the missiles so it was slow movement across the board whereas the imperials were straight in with the absolute bare minimum of kissing.

Initial fire from the rebels was sketchy scoring very little damage while the imperials were de-shielding left and right. I immediately took the smart route of blaming my team mate for his obvious lack of commitment and our current misfortune.

Funny enough this seemed to pay dividends and Vader in his tie advance took a nasty paddling from his young fella and his equally nasty smuggler bud.

photo 5

Having seen Vader cause a lot of trouble in earlier games I was determined to fix his wagon. Another round saw him wink out and the falcon started a slow steady tour of the battlefield with Luke side by side

At this point everyone was close up and it quickly degenerated to shillelagh law and their were wigs on the green. The tie interceptors menaced while the two firesprays lumbered around surrounded by a pride of x-wings. The x-wings harried the Firesprays like a pack of rabid dogs and eventually brought both of them down with very little damage to themselves. The A-wing cashed in its chips pretty quick. Doing what it always seems to do. Zoom around looking flashy but quickly getting smacked down like the dog in foghorn leg horn.

The phantom was a nasty contender combined with someone who knew how to use it (i.e. Not me). It started to take a toll but couldn’t hope to compete with the massed forces of all those x-wings.

Meanwhile the falcon was knocking out ships for sport. The 360 degree turret fire on it was devastating along with the re-rolls. The lamda shuttle overshot and proved hard to get back into the fight. It’s a sluggish beast and we half expected to hear beep beep beep sounds as it turned and manoeuvred.

By the time it had got back in the fight the falcon had hovered up the opposition. Once the phantom cashed in its chips it was all over bar the shouting.

The shuttle proved small beer and Luke doggedly pursued and smacked it down

At the end we had three serviceable x-wings and a perfectly fine falcon, the imperials were nowhere to be seen. (so we couldn’t’ actually see them)

The killers of the night had been Luke and the Falcon. The phantom and tie defender had been nasty but again that’s the beauty of this game. The same combo up against a different (for fun lets say better) opponent would prove a different prospect.

Make no mistake this is a fantastic game. Id go as far as to say this is the future shape of table top. Yes yes that’s heresy but I’m seeing a trend where players are for one reason or another (kids) becoming less connected with full on games like Warhammer and are drifting to fast tabletop fixes like x-wing. But Hey! That’s gaming, it’s a cauldron that’s constantly stirred by new innovations and it’s great to see x-wing doing so well. If fantasy flight continue to deliver expansions as good as the ones to date this game will be around for a very long time to come and I for one am more than happy with that



photo 4

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