Diplomacy 2014 – Now over to our raving reporter….

As promised our Diplomacy Expert* Handsome Bob has his say about what’s been happing so far in Diplomacy …. They came, they saw, they confused the hell out of everybody. Apologies for the delay in writing a commentary on this game, I was intercepted on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan and was waylaid temporarily. InContinue reading “Diplomacy 2014 – Now over to our raving reporter….”

Diplomacy 1901 – Round 1 Results

It never fails to amaze me that every game of Diplomacy is different. Here’s the opening moves to our captive game After the move here’s how it’s all looking. I’m disqualified from commenting on Diplomacy on the basis that I’m “a bit rubbish” but my good friend* Handsome Bob will be doing an analysis ofContinue reading “Diplomacy 1901 – Round 1 Results”

So it Begins…. Diplomacy 2014. Spring 1901

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to what could prove to be the best game of 2014!   Seven players who may have started as friends are now joined in the titanic struggle that is email Diplomacy. The leaders are as follows Eoin “Spartan” Kearney Austria Paul Clancy Russia Conor Hoary England Kieran Fitzgerald France “Patrick” Drax “O’Sullivan” GermanyContinue reading “So it Begins…. Diplomacy 2014. Spring 1901”

Hat trick of hate

I’m reliably informed (if you’re someone who trusts gamers) that it wasn’t the lava or indeed the ash that killed the population of Pompeii it was the pyroclastic surges. Well that’s all well and grand but lava is the staple of so many adventure stories and when we played on Thur it was lava and to beContinue reading “Hat trick of hate”

Krazy Kosmonauts Krush Kompetition

I like Kosmonauts. I liked it more the first time I played it but I still liked it the second time and am sure I’ll like it next time whenever that will be. I especially like it because it’s Russian and it has a strong K in the title. Fantastic Kosmonauts is a fairly simpleContinue reading “Krazy Kosmonauts Krush Kompetition”