What should I bring to Knavecon?


What should I bring?

Bring yourself.  If you have a game or two you like bring them too.  If there’s a game you own and haven’t tried yet, bring it along and there’s bound to be someone who knows the rules and will be happy to play with you.
What Time and ’til when?

Knavecon is a one day event albeit a LONG day.  We start at 10am and finish some time Sunday morning.  Come along whatever time you like.  Play as a little or as much as you like.


Will there be competitions?

There will be a number of fun competitions running during the day, nothing serious. Prizes will be games or tickets to other cons.


Are kids welcome?
Absolutely. Accompanied children are admitted free. All unsupervised children will be sold to the goblin king


Will there be any events during the day?

We plan on running werewolf, cash and guns live, 30 seconds, x-wing, pegasus bridge and one or two other games during the day along with all the impromptu games that will happen.  Grab a game and try it or join a group for a game their running, whatever you fancy


I’ve never played games before will this convention suit me?

Absolutely.  You’ll be a veteran gamer by the time you leave 🙂


Are there any rules of conduct?

Don’t be a dick and respect the games you’ve been leant.  Return them in the same fashion you received them


Anything else?

Have fun, relax and enjoy the day.  It’s going to be good






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