Economical with the truth


I did see a couple of the pirates of the Caribbean films. Truth be told I fell asleep during the first one. Watched it again and promptly fell asleep again. That’s neither here nor there and I since watched it again and haven’t fallen asleep. In one of them they play a game that is liars dice. End of review.

UNLESS like me you’ve never seen that movie in question in which case it’s a push your luck game played with dice and a communal “hand”.

Each person starts with five dice in a shaker and secretly rolls them then the starting player calls a challenge. “I bet there are Four Threes in the group of dice (all 20)” they might yell


The next player has to call “PULL THE OTHER ONE!” (or equivalent but probably involving anatomy) or raise the bet. And so it goes until one player calls BS and either the bet is met or failed. Whomever fails loses one of the their dice and it continues until only one player has dice

It’s simple. It’s light. It’s fun. Reminds me a bit of skull and roses. You could make it up with a sheet of A4 and a stack of dice (and I encourage you to do just that)

I picked it up cheap in the big buy and sell at Knavecon. It would have been a sin to leave it behind so I’m going to justify my tenner

Game length is short. You can have it played in fifteen mins and it’s a nice wind down game at the end of the day. Apart from a hearty pirate Yargh! I have nothing to add




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