There are Four Lights! – Thur part 1


I should have known better, WE should have known better than to get involved in a game picked by Krystian from The Boardgame Guys.  His last head wrecker was Dobble and I’d only just recovered from that.  Krystian subjected us to Cockroach Salad.

Cockroach salad just like Dobble is a simple game which consists of a stack of cards which are either Tomatoes, Peppers, Lettuce or Cauliflower (or cockroaches).  Now it took me a bit to get my head around the rules, mostly because my mind was going “Is that it?”.  This is a weird game, it shouldn’t work but it does.  The deck of maybe a 100 cards is split amongst all the players and your goal is to get rid of your hand as quickly as possible.  Now the fun starts.  Here’s the rules if you don’t understand them give me a ring and I’ll try to explain them as best I can 🙂


You lay a card and call out what it is  so  Pepper, Tomato, Cauliflower,  Lettuce or cockroach.  Easy so far..

Now if the card you are laying on has the same type as the previous one you have to call out a different veg e.g. you play a tomato and there’s one already below it directly you call out say Pepper or one of the other four vegetables (yes I know tomatoes are not vegetables).   Still with me?

Now if a cock-a-roche appears it has a vegetable with a cross through it so you can’t call that one out for a bit at all.   Losing you?

On top of this you only have 3 seconds to call out your veg and it’s a recipe for a lot of effin’ and blindin’

Screw up and call the wrong one and you take the stack of cards that’s built up.

I liked it.  It’s Not a game you could keep playing, it messes with your head in the same way as “yes, no and yeah” does, I reckon a few too many games of this and your synapses would be rewired irrevocably and you’d have to communicate purely by mime and clicks.


Great kids game.  Once again we have a polish game that’s great for kids and adults (brain damage accepted).  It’s going to be at Knavecon and I reckon I’ll be getting a copy.  As one of the guys said last night (and I’m paraphrasing), “in hell there’s people playing this game as punishment.”






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4 thoughts on “There are Four Lights! – Thur part 1

  1. Sounds like a quick ticket to the loony bin! Thankfully, my kids and I play simple games like Monopoly where we’re all trying to kill, I mean, get the better of each other! 😉

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