Wolve’s Clothing

“You’ve NEVER played Catan? NEVER? and neither has your brother…. Ok let’s fix that”, thus i found myself playing Catan after quite a break from it. Settlers of Catan is a classic game which is shockingly knocking on twenty years of age. Catan was like the Dune II of Boardgames. It was new. It was freshContinue reading “Wolve’s Clothing”

TBG Diplomacy 2015 – Turn 1

The First Annual TBG Diplomacy began last night (GMT) Let’s wish our plucky generals the very best! It’s going to be rough a ride! GERMANY : Joe Morris (Ireland) ENGLAND : Frank W. Roberts (Tennessee) AUSTRIA : Wes Ferrer (California) ITALY : Max Vaughn (Georgia) FRANCE : Larry Cruz (Texas) TURKEY : J.J. Novacek (NorthContinue reading “TBG Diplomacy 2015 – Turn 1”

Night of the Long Fangs – Werewolf

Kindly Reproduced with no permission whatsoever from Dread Pirate Joe….. DAY SIX “If the party after the lynching of the first (and second) alpha wolves was mad, the party after the wolf cub bit the dust was insane. A lot of people staggered home that night    A lot fewer people assembled in the townContinue reading “Night of the Long Fangs – Werewolf”