Still October Thur – Being a Drax Report




7 in boardgaming is an unlucky number, well not so much unlucky as awkward.  Most games are designed for a max of 4,5 or 6 players so when you get 7 people around a table the obvious thing to do (apart from ignore one person) is to split into two smaller groups but somehow last night that wasn’t going to work for us so it was 7 players all the way

First up was TSURO

It’s a very simple game akin to pipe dreams where you lay ties with paths on them and move your marker and anyone on the same tiles marker to the end of that tile.  go off the edge or collide with someone else marker and it’s game over.  very simple and I THOUGHT practically no strategy, so… why do I still like the game? I don’t know.  It intrigues me, I got it for the iphone and it still intrigues me.

The game itself if beautifully presented, nice quality pieces and a lovely oriental theme.  It’s very light and you wouldn’t play a huge amount of it BUT it does have the one more go quality and it plays up to eight.  Try it on the iphone first

Still with 7 in place we moved onto CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY

This is a winner.  Quite simply it’s Apples to Apples for grown ups.  The box says 17+ age for players and it’s accurate.  it’s also HILAROUSLY funny, bawdy and very cleverly written.  Oh and it’s good value for money, I ordered it from amazon half way through the first game, it’s that good.  if you haven’t seen Apples to Apples it’s a great party game especially for children but it works well with adults too.  I recommend CAH it was the game of the night

Still holding fast with 7 we moved onto 7 Wonders

7 wonders is a card based civilisation type game with no map, a LITTLE like through the ages but way faster and a little like Magic the Gathering insofar as if you’ve ever played a grand melee it will be instantly familar.  You can only attack the person left or right of you.

The players get a hand of cards, pick one and pass the reduced stack to their left, play the card and take the stack coming from their right.  The idea is to build the best ’empire’ you can whilst messing up the other players turn.  it’s fast, it’s very strategic and it’s good fun.  Especially the crys as you hand a hand of rubbish to the player on your left

Then without a pause it was King of Tokyo

This is a great little game by Richard Garfield.  It’s nippy, it’s lite and it’s in your face.  You take monster and duke it out with other players in Tokyo (where else) until all the other monsters lie dead and you do your victory dance.

After that we wound down with Love Letter

A favourite of mine since Knavecon.  Great little game and I learn more about it every time I play which is saying something since there’s only 15 cards in the deck!

So all good clean fun and more of that sort of thing next Thur





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