Winter Thur – Being a Drax Report


Zombicide (death by Zombies I assume) is a coop game. WAIT, WAIT ! come back, it’s actually very good and yes you can stab your friends in the back…. ok take a seat I’ll start again…

Zombicide is Left4Dead in Tabletop form.  You get a mission (collect some items, get to an exit point, kill a certain amount of zombies) and you and your team of survivors have to complete it.  Well you don’t HAVE to but it would be a very boring game if you gave up so early.

It’s a pretty simple game (my six year old loves it), the production values are high and it’s all very logical.

Each player starts with one or more survivors each with their own attributes (the cop starts with a pistol, the drifter is good at searching and so on) and they have to wade into a world where the zombies just keep coming.  Each turn your get to search for items, move, attack zombies, drive a car and so on, then it’s the zombies turn, they spawn and come stumbling (or in the case of runners running) towards the noisiest players (shooting, smashing open doors and so on causes noise tokens to appear next to the player), rinse and repeat.

Stay too long searching for weapons and you’ll get swamped, go in half cocked and you’ll get murdered, so it’s a fine balance.

In my case it would appear on reflection that running ahead and smashing in a door that contained a shit ton of zombies may have not been the best strategy for all involved.  I’m sorry, I ended humanity again.

What’s clever about the game is as you kill more zombies, the difficulty level racks up so more and more and tougher and tougher zombies start appearing.  it works very well with a lot of difficult choices.  nicer still is it’s very easy to die if you’re not smart.  two wounds and it’s over

I really liked the game.  I was lucky enough to get a gift copy of it at Knavecon from the Wee Gamers (great bunch of lads).

Given time I’d love to paint the models for it, they’ve lovely

There’s a number of expansions on kickstarter and a lot of download missions for it along with a pile of extra characters you can play  (snake pliskin anyone?)

It comes recommended.  It’s a bit pricey but you DO get a lot for your buck.  The models are excellent and you get a lot of them and believe me you WILL need them all.

Next up was….

Actually I forget.  I think we played Munchkin and it was a suprisingly long time since we played it.  It hadn’t changed a lot, it’s fine, I’m not the biggest fan of the game but it leaves me alone and I leave it alone generally and it’s a fine introduction game for players.  I’ll leave it at that

Bit more love letter (really liking this game, a complete game with just 16 cards)

The coffee flowed, the gaming was constant, it was a good thur

More of that I say


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