Outdoor Thur – Thur – Being a Drax Reporte

Since there’s no sign of the wasps it seemed appropriate to play HIVE

Hive is very neat little chess like game, but with fewer pieces and fairly simple rules.  It’s also very portable and robust.  Perfect little game for a caravan or tent (although these are not essential), great one to bring on holidays out foreign and sit out on your balcony with along with a drink and bad light



The theme is very well done, it’s all about a swarm of insects trying to surround each others queen whilst protecting their own.  So capture the flag with insects.  Recommend it,  it’s also cheap.

Next up was a favourite of mine since I borrowed it and didn’t return it



This is very much Rock/Scissors/Lizard/Spock/Paper type game.  It’s two player, fast moving and surprisingly good.  you fill various spots on the board with your cards grabbing points, but also setting up the next player to grab the cards you just placed.  It’s simple, fast and I sometimes win.

next up as old favourite


One of our gamers had never played it.  What never played it? seriously? never played catan? Despite asking this a number of times it turns out he had still not played it in the past so there was nothing for it but to the catan box and play a game of it.  he won as it turned out…. ah well


Catan is a great little game, it was a great game when it came out a decade back and it remains good in person on the smart phone (although that cheats), online.  it’s just a simple neat game and it’s one you really should play if you haven’t like john.  what you’ve NEVER played it? never? ah come on….

More of that next thur





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