Winning Legend Thur – Being a Drax Report

It’s a rare thing for me to win a game let alone ALL the games in a night.  Some people may claim a mistake in the rules but we all played by it and haters have got to hate 🙂 But I digress

First up was



I swapped, well let’s be honest I pawned off a game of mine (silk road) for this and letter of Marque.  Never trust a gamer. Doubly so if you think you’re getting two for one.  Sultan is a simple bidding game where you attempt to score points for bidding with a limited set of ‘coins’ for various valued gems.  get sets of them and they become worth more.  it’s a plain and simple filler game.  it’s quick and if you can be bothered card counting you have an advantage.  BORING.  it may never see the table again.  oh If I’m swapping it to you, it’s a GREAT game, well worth swapping something for 🙂

photo (11)

Next up was

Lords of Waterdeep.

photo (12)

Lords of Waterdeep is a VERY good game. Having played it a half dozen times I’m eager to play it again.  For some reason the gods (one of the one that probably likes me) gave me good luck in this one and I was able to sneak ahead and stay there pretty much to the end.  Usually I lose this game so I think I took the group by surprise by sneaking ahead and they probably thought it was a fluke.  it wasn’t 🙂

Great game, I’ve spoken about it a before

Get this game it’s a winner.

Finally we decided to have a crack at


I had read the rules carefully for this so we had no idea how to play it and having handed the rules over to Drax and put on more coffee we shakily made our way into the game.  Notre Dame is a worker placement game in the classic euro sense.  You attempt to gain as much influence as possible (score) through a variety of methods.  Placing workers in your boroughs and hiring professionals to assist you (sets of which change round by round).  The big negative is rats (the plague) which you have to control before they overun and reduce your influence.  It’s a lovely little game

Card Counting – YES

Worker Placement – YES

Rats – YES

All those who took part (and lost to me) were eager for more of the same (apart from the losing to me bit), never a bad sign

photo (13)

so I reckon next thur we’ll be visiting notre dame.  Practically no quasimodo jokes were harmed in the playing of the game




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