Constantinopolis Craving

Constonopolis is like a grown up version of Puerto Rico (we’re all grown ups at Thur night gaming as you know). We’ve spoken about it before (insofar as I’ve spoken about it).  It was the second game of the night so it was like the secondary target in a Flight Sim, didn’t really matter, theContinue reading “Constantinopolis Craving”

25, 26, 27

Psssttt!! Want to make some money?  Go have a look at the game Ascending Empires on ebay.  Here use this handy link on BGG $200 for the game in the states, €15 in France.  Buy low sell high (send me half the difference as a finders fee) When I got Ascending empires as aContinue reading “25, 26, 27”

Outdoor Thur – Thur – Being a Drax Reporte

Since there’s no sign of the wasps it seemed appropriate to play HIVE Hive is very neat little chess like game, but with fewer pieces and fairly simple rules.  It’s also very portable and robust.  Perfect little game for a caravan or tent (although these are not essential), great one to bring on holidays outContinue reading “Outdoor Thur – Thur – Being a Drax Reporte”

a bit of THIS thur night – Being a Drax Report

Have I read the rules? Of COURSE I’ve read the rules.  I don’t REMEMBER any of the rules but I’ve read them.  a common enough theme for a gaming night.  I was shocked at how much I forgot about Bloodbowl Team Manager, but help was on hand It was summer, we had a smallish groupContinue reading “a bit of THIS thur night – Being a Drax Report”