Running Rings Around – Thur

Thur night was a night of stealth and deception.  First up we played something that’s been on my shelf for a long time but never dusted off Lord of the Rings – The Confrontation I’ve never been a massive fan of Reiner Kniza’s LOTR games, they’re fine but the whole happy happy co-op thing justContinue reading “Running Rings Around – Thur”

Back to Thur – Being a Drax Report

I was THIS close to winning Dracula, damn those meddling kids (and by kids I mean a bunch of old blokes and one young fella) We didn’t get to game last week so it was great to get back in the saddle, meet some good* friends* and try out a few new games.  First up was aContinue reading “Back to Thur – Being a Drax Report”

Wet as an otter’s pocket Thur – Being a Drax report

Different people like different games, it’s like anything in life, some like Jaffa Cake Muffins some don’t….  (yes we had home made Jaffa cake muffins for Thur night gaming thanks to my wonderful missus).   I like Leader 1 but the last group to play it were pretty ho hum about it.  They didn’t DISLIKEContinue reading “Wet as an otter’s pocket Thur – Being a Drax report”

Last Thur – Being a Drax Report

There are effectively two types of game nights, good nights and great nights.  Last thur was a great night.  We got a good group together and played some damn fine games First up for me was Love Letter I’m a big fan of simple games, and this really is simple, 16 cards (15 reallyContinue reading “Last Thur – Being a Drax Report”

After Knavecon Thur – Being a Drax Report

I’m not ALWAYS a Cylon when I play Battlestar Galatica BUT I always want to be and when I am people tend to remember because I revel in it.  So last night.. Well I was a cyclon.  HAPPY DAYS! Just like werewolf being a Cylon is great fun especially if you’re an evil fecker whoContinue reading “After Knavecon Thur – Being a Drax Report”

Thur Most Foul – Being a Drax Report

“He’s Hardly gone back to the scene of the crime to hide in plain site has he?”. Thus ended my promising career as Jack the Ripper in the game Letters from Whitechapel It’s a deduction game in the vein of Curse of Dracula (highly recommended) and Scotland Yard (no idea).  One player takes the roleContinue reading “Thur Most Foul – Being a Drax Report”

Winning Legend Thur – Being a Drax Report

It’s a rare thing for me to win a game let alone ALL the games in a night.  Some people may claim a mistake in the rules but we all played by it and haters have got to hate 🙂 But I digress First up was Sultan I swapped, well let’s be honest I pawned offContinue reading “Winning Legend Thur – Being a Drax Report”

Conclave Eve Thur – Being a Drax Report

Had a small group on Thur so we played those games you never get a chance to play normally.  In this case we got to play QUARRIORS! For some reason ‘got to catch them all’ keeps coming to my head when I see the adverts for this game but it couldn’t be further fromContinue reading “Conclave Eve Thur – Being a Drax Report”

My Thur Rages on – Being a Drax Report

Spartacus a big favourite of the group (and more importantly me) was supercharged on Thur with the addition of the first expansion for it “The Serpents and the Wolf” The group had been watching this with anticipation so when it was released we pounced on it like a starving cat in a lifeboat.  firstContinue reading “My Thur Rages on – Being a Drax Report”