a bit of THIS thur night

Have been thinking about a second tag line for Knavecon and I kinda like  “Meet as strangers, leave as enemies” but I digress

It’s thur night so it’s gaming and thanks to a very nice fathers days present of Bloodbowl Team Manager we may well have ‘a bit a that’ tonight.



Now I must admit that I owned a copy of this before but due to my voracious game swapping addiction it got swapped out for something else (possibly some magic beans) and never got past a game or two.  I was nonplussed about it which was a pity because I LOVE Bloodbowl proper  (waits for comment about how I should learn to play it properly so) and it’s Fantasy Flight.

I really don’t think I gave this game a proper chance and coupled with the fact that there’s an expansion out now I think it would be churlish of me not to welcome it back into my heart.

So lets gird our loins and Play Ball !


5 thoughts on “a bit of THIS thur night

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  1. it has all the ingredients to be a great game, I don’t know why I didn’t take to it first time around. definitely needs a revisit. Wonder what the expansion is like? three new teams I think

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