a bit of THIS thur night – Being a Drax Report

Have I read the rules? Of COURSE I’ve read the rules.  I don’t REMEMBER any of the rules but I’ve read them.  a common enough theme for a gaming night.  I was shocked at how much I forgot about Bloodbowl Team Manager, but help was on hand It was summer, we had a smallish groupContinue reading “a bit of THIS thur night – Being a Drax Report”

a bit of THIS thur night

Have been thinking about a second tag line for Knavecon and I kinda like  “Meet as strangers, leave as enemies” but I digress It’s thur night so it’s gaming and thanks to a very nice fathers days present of Bloodbowl Team Manager we may well have ‘a bit a that’ tonight. http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/90137/blood-bowl-team-manager-the-card-game Now I mustContinue reading “a bit of THIS thur night”

New Bloodbowl League

New Bloodbowl League Right Gents, who’s interested in an OPEN bloodbowl league?  Have been thinking about it and I spoke to a few players from the current one and they’re all in favour of playing a second league in parallel.  HERE’S a suggestion.  What about an open league? where you get to play as manyContinue reading “New Bloodbowl League”