No Love Lost

Love letter is a bit of a misnomer, there’s no letter and there’s surely no love when you play this game. I love simple, clever games and Love Letter is certainly one of these. It has sixteen cards and it still manages to deliver like a boss It’s best played with three to four players (theContinue reading “No Love Lost”

Thur Child is Full of Win – Part 1

Why do we love zombies? There’s no denying that zombies are “in” at the moment. TV shows, movies (some of them good), games, books, marches, the real ones outside my window desperately trying to scratch through, calling me to join them in my sleep, we’ve all gone zombie mad!  But what is it about zombiesContinue reading “Thur Child is Full of Win – Part 1”

Kneedeep in Seamen

Having played Serenissisma a number of times I thought I had heard every possible Seamen joke, I had been misled…. We had a big group on Thur night and we tried our best with an eight player game of Tsuro but when it’s that size the only thing to do is split into two groups.  OurContinue reading “Kneedeep in Seamen”

a bit of THIS thur night

Have been thinking about a second tag line for Knavecon and I kinda like  “Meet as strangers, leave as enemies” but I digress It’s thur night so it’s gaming and thanks to a very nice fathers days present of Bloodbowl Team Manager we may well have ‘a bit a that’ tonight. Now I mustContinue reading “a bit of THIS thur night”