New Bloodbowl League

New Bloodbowl League

Right Gents,

who’s interested in an OPEN bloodbowl league?  Have been thinking about it and I spoke to a few players from the current one and they’re all in favour of playing a second league in parallel.  HERE’S a suggestion.  What about an open league? where you get to play as many games as you like but you take your best scores and after a set amount of time you compare them?

Hold on now! don’t run away, it’s not as crazy as it seems and I have had several sentences to come up with a cunning plan.  The idea would be that you would play on the BB open league against your “friends” and develop you team.  You would keep a record of your wins and most importantly keep a note of the DIFFERENCE IN TV for the matches you won.  You would get the points different if the team was ranked higher than you and HALF the TV difference if they were lower than you in TV.

You then simple keep the three best scores and after that set time I mentioned above you add all three best matches together.

All you need is the PC game and some friends who play….

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