THUR night – pope Fran special

So anyhow. It was looking like a small group but within a short while we had a solid five and talk turned to galaxy trucker which is due out on the iPad soon. Having both it and the big expansion we quickly decided to give the cardboard version a lash

It has been a long time since it saw light and it took a wee while to re familiarize myself and the group with the rules. I’d forgotten how funny they were. In short you need lots if everything and every component is important

Galaxy trucker is a game about frantically constructing a spaceship from a dwindling set of parts before the other guys do and having hammered it together after a fashion (and of course cursing yourself and others for not attaching some useful systems) piloting it into the unknown and hopefully arriving in one largish piece before the others do.

Some skills lend themselves to this game very well. Those in the architectural or kitchen design area have an unfair advantage. So too those with knowledge of electrical systems. In short not me.

It’s important to realize and I can’t stress this enough. PLAYING is the reward. All those who take part are the real winners and the score may say different we were all winners that night… Just some more than others

The game rattled on to a fine old hour with some stupendous losses of ships and some radical designs all held together with one or two lynchpins.

Great game. Great gaming and let’s forget about silly old scores. I think everyone will agree we all won that night



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