So What makes Knavecon Special ? #2

Since the very beginning Werewolf has been a regular group game at Knavecon.  Some of the players have been naturals, some born entertainers and some, well, just bloody good liars I’m always delighted to run a game of werewolf and it always draws the crowds.  So much so I’m going to be introducing a fewContinue reading “So What makes Knavecon Special ? #2”


Knavecon in conjunction with The Board Game Group are now inviting plucky Generals to apply for a position in what will be quite simply…. THE GREATEST GAME OF DIPLOMACY EVER PLAYED…. Seven brave souls from all around the World will compete for the ultimate bragging rights using all their diplomatic and gaming skills to winContinue reading “ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL BGG DIPLOMACY”

Knavecon Ninjas are go !

Knavecon V is going to see the launch of “Knavecon Ninjas”.  We’re setting aside a small area where we’re going to invite younger gamers from 6-12 to learn gaming with us.  We’ll have a stack of games on hand suited to the younger player and someone to teach both Ninjas and Parents how to play them.Continue reading “Knavecon Ninjas are go !”