So What makes Knavecon Special ? #2


Since the very beginning Werewolf has been a regular group game at Knavecon.  Some of the players have been naturals, some born entertainers and some, well, just bloody good liars

I’m always delighted to run a game of werewolf and it always draws the crowds.  So much so I’m going to be introducing a few more group games for the next Knavecon



Knavekids 1

KnaveKids Poster_01

I think this says it all.  It’s Sunday the 19th July for a gamers family day out.  Book your place with me now





After the success of the Kids Corner at Knavecon V (due in no small part to Borys and the other parents who knocked it out of the park on the day) we’re going to run a smaller shorter, one day event just for families.

Starting at 11am on Sunday the 19th July 2015 until 8pm in the Castletroy Park Hotel Knavekids is going to be a family boardgame convention. Bring yourself, bring your kids and take part.  Knavecon will provide all the games you’ll need or bring some of your own favourites.

We’re going to gear everything towards children so lot’s of games for younger players, group games and events, chill out spots with colouring and lego and anything else we can think of before then.  That’s not say we won’t cater for older kids, we will.  We’ll adjust it around the group.

Places are going to be strictly limited and prepaid. The cost is €20 for the day for you and your family.

The event is a family event for accompanied children so you’re expected to game with your kids too.  If you’re a veteran gamer or a complete beginner this is a great opportunity to get your children interested in this wonderful hobby.

I’ll be joined by Borys & co who ran kids corner at Knavecon V and I’m hoping this will be the start of a regular event.

If you fancy taking part, contact me via the usual channels and let’s make it a day to remember (in a good way)





Knavecon in conjunction with The Board Game Group are now inviting plucky Generals to apply for a position in what will be quite simply….


Seven brave souls from all around the World will compete for the ultimate bragging rights using all their diplomatic and gaming skills to win this classic game. (Knavecon and the Boardgame Group are contributing prizes for the ultimate winner including a rather nice Trophy)

If you think you have what it takes then apply in the comments below and lets get this this show on the road. (those of a delicate disposition need not apply).

The game will be played out over the coming months and chronicled by our experienced GM team.  This is the first of what will prove to be an annual event

Don’t delay, glory awaits!



Knavecon Star Realms Tournament

SPACE-COWBOYThe Star Realms tournament will take place at 1pm on Saturday at Knavecon.  Groups of four will compete for a place in the top 4 semi and Final.

We will have a number of physical decks available for use or if combatants prefer they can play via the electronic version on the day.



Knavecon Ninjas are go !

Kindergarten Cop Arnold Schwarzenegger ©Universal Pictures

Knavecon V is going to see the launch of “Knavecon Ninjas”.  We’re setting aside a small area where we’re going to invite younger gamers from 6-12 to learn gaming with us.  We’ll have a stack of games on hand suited to the younger player and someone to teach both Ninjas and Parents how to play them.

The event will run from 12 noon until 4 pm and Ninjas and Parents are free to jump in and out as they please.

Hope to see you on the day



Knavecon IV ROCKED!


What Made Knavecon IV great?

The venue ?  Fantastic, best venue so far, layout was great, big, airy, the reception room for chill-out, game demos, buy and sell and coffee worked a treat.  The tables were way better than the last setup and we had ample space.  Hotel Staff were great.

The Games? We had a great selection of games on the day, more than last time, some great games were played.  I LOVED Rampage, what a crazy, silly game, (Which one of the lads rushed to Galway the next morning and bought a copy and it will be appearing this Thur at Thur night games!).  I loved cockroach salad (It just hated me).

The Helpers? We had a lot more people on hand to speed up registration, help with game demos, move stuff and generally offer advice (I don’t believe anyone said “don’t trust Vic” once at the con, they’re slipping)

The random events?  People in dressing gowns wandering down from the Spa, Wedding guests strolling in and quickly strolling out, men with bagpipes tuning up

The traders? Some great games on offer from our traders, thanks guys for making the trip


These all helped but it was the people who came on the day, got stuck in and gamed gamed gamed until the wee hours.

Every time Knavecon is run we learn more about what you want, what we do wrong and what we do right and we always try and make the next one that bit better.  Knavecon V is going to be a milestone for us.  Preparations are already afoot for it and it’s going to be the best one to date.

Knaves (anyone who came is a Knave), you came, you gamed, you rocked.  I salute you!



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