Night of the Long Fangs – Werewolf


Kindly Reproduced with no permission whatsoever from Dread Pirate Joe…..


“If the party after the lynching of the first (and second) alpha wolves was mad, the party after the wolf cub bit the dust was insane.

A lot of people staggered home that night   
A lot fewer people assembled in the town square the next morning. 
After a headcount (which took five attempts due to mis-counting, and needing to throw up by the counter – the Mayor- it was reckoned there were 4 people missing) – or missing but known where.
Well, one was well known after last nights party. Knowing glances were exchanged.
“OK, so we all saw Mike (The Hunter) Sheehan walk up behind Mark as he was drinking his whiskey martini and shoot him in the back of the head.” announed the Mayor. “What we also know is that Mark was one of us, a villager.”
Sad noises and moans came from the crowd. Mourning the death, or nursing their heads, it is hard to say.
“However,” continued Gloria*, “we did find out this morning that Mark had a rare genetic condition which made him appear to be a werewolf. A Lycan, or something they call it.”

“But,” continued Carl*, “We do know who is missing. It is Martin and Dave. Martin and Dave seem to have both been the victims of werewolves. At least it was…  it was….”  Vomits.

“Quick,” Gloria sneers (at Carl). “There was no defensive marks. Those wolves were pissed. We can ascertain that Dave was the DOCTOR, and Martin was the Seer.”
“So, who we gonna hang tonight?” asked a voice from the crowd.”I wanna vote NOW!”
Slowly walking over to the scrawled sign on the gallows which read ‘Wurst wearwolfs ever!’, Gloria took up the piece of chalk and added a question mark.
“No votes today people,” Gloria said quietly. “We need to hang a murderer. Mike.”
RESULT: No votes today. Mike will be hanged at 5pm (game time), but can contribute to the discussion (shouting from his jail cell) until that time.



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