Knavecon IV ROCKED!


What Made Knavecon IV great?

The venue ?  Fantastic, best venue so far, layout was great, big, airy, the reception room for chill-out, game demos, buy and sell and coffee worked a treat.  The tables were way better than the last setup and we had ample space.  Hotel Staff were great.

The Games? We had a great selection of games on the day, more than last time, some great games were played.  I LOVED Rampage, what a crazy, silly game, (Which one of the lads rushed to Galway the next morning and bought a copy and it will be appearing this Thur at Thur night games!).  I loved cockroach salad (It just hated me).

The Helpers? We had a lot more people on hand to speed up registration, help with game demos, move stuff and generally offer advice (I don’t believe anyone said “don’t trust Vic” once at the con, they’re slipping)

The random events?  People in dressing gowns wandering down from the Spa, Wedding guests strolling in and quickly strolling out, men with bagpipes tuning up

The traders? Some great games on offer from our traders, thanks guys for making the trip


These all helped but it was the people who came on the day, got stuck in and gamed gamed gamed until the wee hours.

Every time Knavecon is run we learn more about what you want, what we do wrong and what we do right and we always try and make the next one that bit better.  Knavecon V is going to be a milestone for us.  Preparations are already afoot for it and it’s going to be the best one to date.

Knaves (anyone who came is a Knave), you came, you gamed, you rocked.  I salute you!



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Always wash your Gi before an assasination


Ninjas didn’t Actually wear black. Think about it, if you’re going to sneak up on someone and kill them you’ll stand out like a bad guy on CHiPs if you’re dressed completely head to toe in black. and you unlike everyone else is wearing a mask.  Brought to you by BroScience.

Ninja Dice is a nice little filler game, players take it in turn to be the Ninja and break into an increasingly difficult set of houses which consist of a number of guards, locks and citizens all of which must be overcome either through stealth or violence.   Now while the ninja is stealthily doing this the other ninjas are obviously helping him…. NOPE, they’re trying to cock block him big style.  Stop there I’m sold

photo 1

The game is very new, I’m not sure you can get it yet except via kickstarter but it’s worth looking for.

The first player takes a number of black House die and rolls them, in the first round this is four dice but in the next three it will be five then six as the houses become harder to break into.  These house dice have symbols for locks, guards and citizens or multiples of these.

The crafty ninja now rolls their white action dice and try to match up with symbols on the house,  So if they roll keys it opens a lock, sneak icon they can match them with guards and citizens,  Throwing Stars against guards and the wildcard ninja symbol that’s anything you like.

Ninjas get to hold and reroll whichever dice they like but there’s a time limit which I’ll explain badly later.

photo 2

So far so Yahtzee but there’s a couple of dice I didn’t mention (drip feeding the rules you see).  The ninja can also roll a (can’t remember the real name so I’ll make something up) Abundance dice  that you put with a sneak/star/lock/wild dice to give you four of them.

In addition to all this the aforementioned palsied ninjas are flinging arrows at you. the DIRECTION the dice lands in (in a similar fashion to an artillery dice in warhammer) determines whom gets hit.  The weasel like ninja breaking in has a final symbol he can roll a catch arrow one that stops him from being skewered by an arrow.

Since the arrows are flying nilly willy it’s quite possible to hit another spectator ninja.  Hitting someone will reduce their score by one and it’s the DICE of the other players you’re aiming at, not as we first though the players themselves who squirmed and moved through the first half of the game to avoid incoming fire.

If a spectator ninja rolls an hourglass symbol they lose their dice and if all the spectators roll them it’s time up for the thieving ninja.

photo 3

If the main ninja succeeds in breaking into the house they get a score for what they overcame and a bonus if they did it stealthily rather than with ninja stars.  They can at any stage of course wimp out and leave the house but they lose out on score.  So it’s a push your luck game.

This is a great little game. I’m going to try and pick up a copy.  It’s quick, it’s simple and the whole position on the dice is a nice mechanic.

Dice are all in now, Marvel Dice Master, Luchador! Mexican Wrestling (more on that in another post).  Quarriors! eh… not so much.  But anyway, this is a nice little filler dice game and it comes in a rather natty holder.  It’s gets a solid two thumbs up from me.

Should have a couple of copies to play at Knavecon come the day





Brocon 2014







Once again the good folks at Brocon put on a fantastic Convention.  A big thank you to the hospitality of the guys, the entrance and the rather sweet T-Shirt.  Great days gaming and it’s still rocking on the whole weekend.  Get down there tomorrow (Sunday) and you’re guaranteed a good time.   Great to catch up with the gamers from all around the country and do our thing.  a report on some of the games I got to play on the day soon



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Summer Clean

The Blog is taking on a new look just because.  Many thanks as ever to Dave Stafford for the new logo which I’m delighted with.


If it ain’t BROCON don’t fix it



Limericks Games and Anime convention is rolling around once again on the weekend of the 19th July in UL.  Bigger and Better than Ever

Myself and some of the Knaves will be there running boardgaming sessions if anyone wants to drop down and say hello and try a few games out.

See you there




Knavecon 3.5 ?


It’s my good buddy MrSaturday’s 40th at the weekend, so a bunch of us are celebrating in true Knavecon style with a weekend of gaming in a secret location somewhere near Loch Corrib.  This grown up affair will feature, games, coffee and discussions on the next Knavecon…. nah I’m only kidding it’s an excuse to game, eat junk and get riotous…. this could be my last post 🙂

Dave was one of the oldhammer crew that ran the Fimir/Halfling game at Knavecon 3.  If you saw it you couldn’t help but be blown away by his painting skill. If you haven’t checked out his blog then now’s a good time, I highly recommend it, he’s a funny dude and has a great turn of phrase.

Happy 40th Dude!



One Year!

According to wordpress my blog has been running for one year now, YAH!

Should anyone be willing to pay me enough I will stop writing, until then, Huzzah!


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