Knavecon 3.5 ?


It’s my good buddy MrSaturday’s 40th at the weekend, so a bunch of us are celebrating in true Knavecon style with a weekend of gaming in a secret location somewhere near Loch Corrib.  This grown up affair will feature, games, coffee and discussions on the next Knavecon…. nah I’m only kidding it’s an excuse to game, eat junk and get riotous…. this could be my last post 🙂

Dave was one of the oldhammer crew that ran the Fimir/Halfling game at Knavecon 3.  If you saw it you couldn’t help but be blown away by his painting skill. If you haven’t checked out his blog then now’s a good time, I highly recommend it, he’s a funny dude and has a great turn of phrase.

Happy 40th Dude!



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