So that was Knavecon 3 eh?


Knavecon 3 was a big success! If you didn’t make it to this one, you missed out! but don’t worry like we said before Knavecon is here to stay and there’s going to be one every six months.  We’ll be announcing details for the next one soon enough.

The first official Knavecon had 20+ people, the next 50+ and we’re delighted to tell you that the last one had 100+ attendees!  By my careful maths and graphing I believe Knavecon 4 will have no less than……… 2.4 million attendees.

It was a great day of gaming, myself and Dec despite a busy BUSY time got several games in and got to meet a host of new and cool people from around the country.  The venue was good, the games were good, the people were out of this world but of course we’re going to do our best to improve it for the next one.  I reckon another fifty Knavecons and we’ll have the formula just right 🙂

I left around 3am after doing a podcast with the lads from Wee Gamers but a dozen plus hardened gamers were still going strong after I left.  I understand it finished around 4am.  So that’s a solid 18 hours of gaming!

The Podcast is right here BTW.  Some people reckon it’s like listening to Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood talking to Ian Paisley if all three of them we’re on helium and not doing this podcast.

There’s a raft of people to thank for the event,

The Traders as ever who hauled a lot of gear from far and near to the event. A special thanks must go to those who organised competitions and gave out prizes.  The Wee gamers for their invaluable help.  The OldHammer boys who going by the success of their first game are going to be regular crowd pullers.  Those who lifted, carried, assisted, advised, supported and helped out in so many ways.

Most importantly our thanks to the attendees. Now this is something that blows me away.  There were over one hundred attendees on the day, a lot of whom I’d never met before, all of whom I handed over games to and ALL of whom went out of their way to ensure they we’re returned in perfect condition.  I didn’t lose a single game, counter, token or card on the day…. as far as I know.

From start to finish last Saturday all I heard was laughter (and some evil cackles), everyone I’m fairly sure had a good time, they took part in the spirit of the con and they got stuck in and revelled in what they enjoy.  Better still players both old and new started proper gaming for the first time and we’re hooked.

I’ve chatted with the other organisers and we agreed, it was a lot of effort to create Knavecon but it’s what we love and for us it didn’t seem like work and it certainly wasn’t a chore

Knavecon 4 is coming, it’s going to be bigger, it’s going to be better and we want you there





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