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Ok Dudes/Duettes, here’s the update on the road trip

The Ferry leaves Dublin port at 8:05am on Friday 2nd June with a return from Holiyhead at 14:10 on Sunday

We would be arriving in Birmingham at 15:00 on Friday afternoon and leaving again Sunday around 10am

Those coming from Limerick would be picked up around 5am. Yes it’s an early start

The bus has seating for 43 with 8 seats around 2 tables, wifi and 4 x 4pin ac power sockets

for those coming on the trip I will need to get a desposit of €50 on or before Knavecon 9 (4th Match) so we can book the Ferry.  The full price for the Coach Return and Ferry per person is €140

I’ve already booked a room with Leon, Jimmy and Mike.  It looks good and it makes sense we all stick together so we can game together/shenanigan together

Tickets for the Con are available from

I recommend booking these in advance to avoid the queues

Let’s get this show on the road!



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