Love me do

This is my 500th note on my phone. Outside of things like shopping, grudge and world domination notes I’ve written most of my posts for Knavecon aka victorgannongames via notes on my phone. You can probably tell. 
The game I’m going to talk about is Premium Love Letter which I unboxed recently in my first unboxing video (I’m expecting a phone call from the oscars for best supporting hand). 

Chances are you’ve already played love letter. It’s a nippy four player game which features a small (16) set of cards, deductions, subterfuge and luck. The theme goes right out the window with this game. In case you missed it you want to impress the local princess and gain her affection. One of the cards IS the princess another one is a priest and a number of other rum characters a princess worth her dowry wouldn’t look sideways at let alone throw her affection at. Maybe it’s a particularly shitty kingdom but the cloths say different 
But theme aside the game is fun. It’s quick to learn and the first times you play it it seems new, fresh and exciting
There have been a stack of themed versions of this game Batman, the Hobbit, Adventure Time, all of them basically the same game. Premium edition adds about the same amount of cards again this time with different roles. You now have the assassin which if someone uses a guard to guess your card kills them (nice) and the fool that bets on another player winning (nice again). All in all the new cards have been well thought out. They remind me of the dark city expansion for citadels. There’s been a good bit of thought in this expansion, I prefer the new cards to the old truth be told. 

I’ve played it seven player and it does whip around pretty quick. It’s going to take a while to get used to the new cards but that’s fine. I have time (at least I think I have)
Build quality is really good. The game comes in a lovely lavish box with a nice red flocked insert. The cards are oversized and come with unique love letter sleeves. Gone are the inhale able wooden cubes for keeping score. Now we have bigger (safer) heart shaped ones. That’s it. It’s a nicer version of the game with extra cards. Is it worth getting ? That’s up to you. I was pretty bored with love letter original having played a lot of it and having up to eight players possible is nice. I can see myself getting a bit of mileage out of this game but it will never rise above a nice filler albeit a Purdy one. 
Try it at Knavecon. It’s perfect for a con and see what you think

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