Can you keep a secret

Secret Hitler is a refined version of The Resistance. Posh resistance if you will. I’ll be honest I got bored of The Resistance having played a few dozen times so this was a welcome replacement. 
Interestingly you can download a print and play copy and make your own for free but I went all out and was lucky enough to snag a copy of the Kickstarter version which comes in a protective wooden case which itself should be protected because it’s only gorgeous and far too good for the people I game with. Myself included 

I like a good hidden Identify game. Werewolf is always a hit at Knavecon and spyfall is a right laugh let’s see how the new kid in town stacks up
Players randomly and secretly take the roles of fascists (who want to elect Hitler Chancellor), Hitler (also a fascist) and liberals. When the game starts the fascists (except Hitler) look around and Identify the other fascists (including hitler who still has his eyes shut but has his thumb up). 
Now the game is afoot and the liberals are racing to score all their agendas before the fascists score three and elect hitler. (Or the liberals shoot hitler or the fascist score six agenda)

Unlike say werewolf. Players actions should be more obvious OR ARE THEY? Whereas liberal agendas are just notches on the score post, fascist agendas allow you a bit more power. So you could use a fascist agenda to look at a players party or later on are kill a particular player. Powerful stuff if you have Hitler in your sights OR DO YOU?. Often a liberal will allow or help a facsist agenda to happen to help them corner Hitler. Be careful when fighting monsters lest we become monsters ourselves or more accurately win the game for the fascists. 
Each round the President’s role is passed one to the left and they elect the chancellor. The group as a whole vote ya or nein at once visibly and if the majority votes no a new chancellor has to be picked by the President. Rinse and repeat
Once the chancellor is elected the president draws three agenda cards (there’s more fascists ones in the mix than liberal one). He then picks one and discards it face down and passes the remaining two to the chancellor who picks one. So it’s either a fascist one or liberal one goes on the respective scoring track. 
The fascists agendas as they get scored give the current president more and more powers starting with looking at a players alignment up to executing a player and vetoing agendas. Fascists are so much cooler than hippy liberals

There’s a lovely air of paranoia, fear and mistrust, something which I like immensely and possible warrants professional evaluation of my character but until that’s mandatory I’ll continue to enjoy this type of game. 
The game is fast. Ten mins or so but you’ll play it several times in a sitting. It’s big time moorish 
The Kickstarter version is a thing of beauty. The matryoshka doll center of this game is very high quality. Solid thick cards. Nice heavy wooden pieces. Suitable artwork. It’s real Purdy. 
I can highly recommend this game. Figuring out what’s going on is magnificent. Being a fascist just like being a werewolf is a blast. 
The current Kickstarter is pricey. The print and play a bit dull. The sweet spot will be when the standard edition comes out. Which should be soon. 
Every game group should have a copy. It rocks

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