Roll them bones! 

Skull and Roses and Perudo are games with extremely simple components (beermats and dice) but gameplay that far outshines their humble components. 
Chances are you already own perudo in it’s unassembled form. All you need is five dice per player (you’ve loads of dice I’m sure) and something to shake them in (plastic cups would be perfect)

Perudo is a push your luck game. Each round players roll their dice then hide the results from everyone else. Starting with the last player to win or lose the last round they call out how many of a particular dice they think is on the board having only seen their own roll. So it might be “I think there’s four fives between all the dice on the table” and so on. The player to the left then either ups the bet “really? I think there’s six threes on the table” or calls BS on the previous player’s bet. At this point all dice are revealed and either the bet is correct (the person who called BS loses one of their dice) or it can’t be fulfilled in which case the person who called the bet loses one of their dice. The game continues like this until one person only is left with dice. It’s that simple. It shouldn’t be that good but it really is. 

There’s a bit of depth to this. There’s a bit of psychology. You could play this for money and I’m sure people do. To add a bit of spice to it ones are wilds and there’s a few minor extra optional rules in there but the core is solid. 

This is a great game. I was delighted to be reacquainted with it recently. I’d forgotten how good it was. I urge you to assemble your copy of it when a bunch of your friends are around. Or enemies. You know what I meant. 

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