Nothing is forbidden

It’s time to revisit Forbidden Stars since I’m still very much in love with the game. My forbidden love for forbidden stars if you will. 
It’s not often I want to pamper a game by buying my own copy, painting the models, carefully protecting them and getting doped up tokens for it… Ok, well, I’ve done the first but I’ve strongly thought about the others. 
Forbidden stars is a game that just keeps giving. It’s expensive but it’s well worth the price. It’s just so good. I’ve had the pleasure of playing a dozen games of it and I still like it as much as the first time I played it. If anything it’s gotten better. It ticks all the boxes. Map conquest, random map, variety of races that all play differently, brilliant theme that’s not just tacked on, nice models, meaty, brutal, desperate. There’s very few games I’ll play over and over again without wanting a change. 

If you’ve not read my earlier gushing review of it. It’s set in the 40k universe and sees four players take on the roles of chaos (all out attack), orks (tough as old boots), eldar (weak but dodgy), space marines (balanced) and set out to recover a set number of relics belonging to you before the others get theirs. These relics are placed by your opponents usually as far away from your guys bases as possible. The map setup is slick with a number of strategic decisions required from the off. The game sees you constantly re evaluating your strategy. It’s an object lesson on how plans go out the window when faced by the enemy. 
As for enemies there is no pretense of alliances. I have objectives to claim and you’re in my way. Step aside. Actually .. Don’t. Occasionally. Very occasionally you’ll “co operate” with others if it’s to your advantage but it’s rare. It’s so 40k. It’s all war. All the time. 

Battles are nicely done and it’s not just down to bring as many guns as you can and you win. Every race fights differently. Be prepared. You can improve your punch by upgrading your battle cards. Actually there’s so much to spend your limited resources on it becomes a tough set of choices each turn. Choices abound, you find yourself spreading it about building your resource base, your forces, upgrading your guys, defending, attacking, foiling another players plans, the list is endless. 
A special mention of order sequence must be made. You place your orders face down on sectors and it’s possible to stack one on top of the other. These are then revealed and resolved in reverse order. More importantly opponents can stick THEIR order over yours and (as I’ve seen all too often) change your brilliantly drawn up plan into a mitigated disaster. 
I could go on and on about the keen minis, the high quality pieces and so on but I won’t. I urge you to try it out. I’ll have at least one copy at Knavecon and I reckon it could be the game of the con. You mark my words. 

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