Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be

They say you can never go back. They (whomever they are) are often right. Heroquest is just such a beast. Unlike Space Crusade you realize pretty quickly that you wasted your youth playing this game. Ok maybe not just this. Don’t get me wrong at the time it was good fun but it’s aimed squarely at younger players. I mean just look at the gurning 80s kids on the box. 
Heroquest is a basic fantasy dungeon bash featuring plastic miniatures. Everything you need is in the box and the rules are very straightforward. This is heaven for younger players. My kids love it. If you’re even a passable Dungeon Master you can entertain children by bigging up the story. More importantly this is a gateway game to a whole world of adventure. 

The game sees up to four brave heroes, Barbarian (good attack), dwarf (tough and slow), wizard (powerful attacks weak Defence), elf (ranged attack and good with colours) set off into surprisingly well finished dungeons to have at it with the overlord and his dastardly plans. 
The overlord is played by one player who takes control of the monsters and reveals the dungeon as players open doors. It’s good fun. I alway like being the overlord. I don’t need to justify myself. 
The game is exactly what you would expect. Kill monsters. Grab gold. Buy better kit. Repeat. That’s fine. It’s McDonnells. The game comes with around a dozen missions and they’re all good fun, not that you’ll play them all because your gaming ADHD will kick in three missions in and you’ll find something else. 

Again be warned this is a simple game if you’re a more seasoned gamer look to Descent 2 or Imperial Assault for a more grown up experience. 

All in all a nice slice of nostalgia and if you get it for a good price go with. it’s become more rare surprisingly for a mass market game and fetches quite a high price now. That said it’s chock a block with plastic (jelly baby ish) models so it’s a big un. Tell you what. I’ll have it at the next Knavecon, so if you want to try it let me know



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  1. Heroquest, it’s a gateway game, and I have many fond memories of it. How many of us would have missed the gamer boat if not for this game? My own boys now play on the same set I had when I were a lad.

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