The Grand Knavecon Raffle

It’s back. It’s bigger. It’s badder. The Grand Knavecon raffle returns once again for Knavecon 7. Kicking it off we have something rather special to win. 

A deluxe copy of Galeforce 9s new game WWE Showdown with…. Pro painted models of the wrestlers!

Those of you who are members of the Ireland’s Gaming Community group on Facebook will know the prolific painter John Wickham. John foolishly agreed to owe me a favor recently for something and quickly figured the best way to pay it off (and avoid any inevitably unpleasantness) was a small painting commission. 

He’s nearly one model down and it’s looking sweet. For your chance to win this unique prize you owe it to yourself to enter our raffle. 

Full details on how to enter to follow (yes yes same as last time)



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