Knavecon 7 Custom Game


Hardcore Skull and Roses

O.K. here’s the plan. I spoke before about a custom game for Knavecon 7.  If you remember the last one we did Love Letter but with pictures of various gamers as the cards.  I have another plan (never a good thing). Hardcore Skull and Roses….

Skull or Skull and Roses is an easy to learn, poker ish, psychological game.  It’s also very simple to create.  Here’s what I need you to do

Submit a picture you would as your Skull, i.e. the card that screws people over when you turn it over

MrSaturday will work his photoshop magic upon it and upon arriving at the con you will receive your own custom pack of four beer mats with your skull card lovingly stuck to the back of one of them.

You will then join with the others whom have done the same and at a set time we will play hardcore Skull and Roses.

Hardcore you say? Why yes insofar as you will be gambling your set of four cards.  The last remaining players in the event will get to keep not only their set of four cards but the pick of five other sets they have defeated thus getting them an exclusive and unique Skull deck.

There will be a nominal fee of €5 to cover entry to the competition, production of your card set, photoshopping, administration and various outstanding debts to bookies and mobsters.

So… who’s game?


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