Blood Rage

The problem with Blood Rage is the models. They’re just too Damn good not to paint and if you’ve neither the inclination or the skillz to paint them it will kill you every time you take out the game. I luckily didn’t suffer from that “bare guilt” as it wasn’t my copy and it was also very nicely painted
Bloodrage is a bit like Kemet or indeed the platinum horde it’s all about the kill burn pillage! The end is nigh so time to go out with a bang or indeed multiple concussive bangs and smoother yourself in as much glory as you can

Only one problem, there’s a number of other teams trying to do it better than you in a sort of Valhallal xfactor. 
Blood Rage sees you all starting with a troop of basic dudes and a captain as well as a supporting ship. The boys have got base stats and through pillaging and the use of some cards you can up one or more of the three stars. Rage (how many action points you start with), axes (how glorious your victories become and how much glory each is worth) and helmets, how many of your dudes can show their bearded face on the map at one time. A pop cap if you will

Rage is effectively gold and in each of the three rounds you start with a certain amount. You can use rage to buy in troops, pay for certain cards to execute or March your boys around in a menacing way
Axes are glory or score. Doing stuff like winning battles, completing quests and being in the wrong place when ragnaroh hits will earn you glory. Most glory wins game. Ugh. Hulk smash

The map is tight, with only a half dozen locations each with room for a limited amount (3-5) of troops to stand. The center of the map is limitless and is very much the equivalent of a chipper after chucking out time. There’s going to be a fight there pretty much guaranteed and it’s going to be epic. On top of that the map is shrinking….. ragnarok (a type of attic insulation) is falling from the sky and each round (three in total) another region is going to be off limits and everyone left there will be rubbed out (in a bad way)
The one thing I didn’t mention was the card drafting. There are a number of Gods all up in your fighting business and they assist through different cards. At the start each player gets a stack of cards drawn from the current age and picks one and passes it left. Repeat this until you have a full hand. (it’s what we call drafting). These cards give you pluses in fights, missions which when completed can be cashed in for score and a few other nasties, instants and permanent effects. Its hard to know how balanced they are, likewise the monsters but time will tell. Some like the fire giant are murderers.  Battles are fast and brutal. But don’t worry dying is no bad thing as long as it’s honorable and more importantly scoreable


It’s fast. You can be done and dusted in an hour which is excellent for this type of game. There’s a definite urge to play again and you will need to to learn its nuisances. 
All in all thumbs up. Fun game. Good strategic elements. Gorgeous models (painting assumed). Good design. Like it. Like it a lot

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