Noah’s checklist 

Fauna is another kids game that works great with adults to. To study for it I recommend DVD boxed sets of Dora the Explorer followed by Diego or just have a some children and suffer a couple of years watching these two super positive Hispanic kids describe their recent acid trips. 

Fauna is simple. It’s features a hundred plus double sided cards with a variety of top trump sort of information on a particular animal. Height, weight, tail length and more importantly where it lives.  What we experts call its habitat

The game comes with a nice board showing the world with around thirty locations and not to be ignored a number of sea locations. (These are vital)

A turn runs as follows, one player pulls the next animal card and shows it to the nice people gamers. The bottom half is hidden (the answer bit) but some indicators on the top half feed you a bit of info. A sketch of the animal. It’s name. How many locations in the world it lives in and so on. 

Now players take it in turn from the first player to place one of their limited cubes either on the map to show where they think it lives or on the spots on the map with number lines for height, weight And something else I cant remember are. Maybe stool size. Play continues around until everyone passes and then the answers are revealed to hoots and curses

For all answers you get right you score points and get cubes back. If you are close with an answer you get less points. Oh btw no two cubes can occupy the same spot so going first has its advantages if you’re sure about the answers. Screw up and you risk your future scoring by not having enough cubes to capitalize on stuff you do know in future turns. 

Some questions are worth more points because an animal might occupy a single or very small amount of regions.

The reason the seas are vital are they abut lots of regions so jumping in there you’ll be close and might score a some points by accident. 

It’s a very simple game. Works really well with kids and surprisingly well with adults. It’s educational too. This would make a great classroom game (alongside diplomacy)

I thoroughly recommend getting a copy. As always it will be there at Knavecon too and I urge you to give it a go (along with everything else I urge you to give a go in the past)


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