And some people just want to watch the world burn or in this case all six of us would have been. By turn 5 we had gotten perfectly in character, lost the will to live and envied the dwindled population. This game is a dull game. It has the potential to be good but the execution was lame and uninspired. It’s a pity because the idea is good. The world is overpopulated. Reduce the population through drastic measures but make sure it’s your guys that are still standing at the end. 

On paper (cardboard) it should work but in practice the actions are limited. Each turn you get to choose from two of five actions. Nuke, military, cyber attack, contagion, block. In truth the block, nuke and cyber attack are rarely taken. The nuclear option is very much a damp squid. The contagion after a round or two is weak as it removes a percentage rounded down in a lot of cases. So whomever gets in the first decent disease early on steals a huge march on everyone else and a lot of it is luck based. 

I really wanted to like the game. It’s map based and conquesty but it feels half baked. I’m starting to think it was cheap for a reason. It had a lot of potential but it didn’t live up to it. I can forgive a lot. So so art work. Dull colors (it’s mostly grey) and a poor rule book with a number of grey areas. I can’t forgive poor execution and tedious play. It needs a reboot 

It’s one thing to finish a game early and see who’s ahead it’s another to go, Let’s just give up and not care at all who won. That was our tomorrow experience. 

I’d play version 2.0 of this if ever there was one but as always there’s a lot of good games out there and I don’t want to waste my valuable gaming time on just ok

There’s no tomorrow



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