Get your game plan on

I can see Clery’s now the rain has gone

2016  is upon us.  Before it flies by I’m going to make plans to play some games I’ve always wanted to.  Why not.  It’s my year.  Along with a minimum of two Knavecon’s it’s going to be a good year for gaming. Why? because I’m going to make it so.  So… I’m going to need a plan and I’m going to set goals.  I keep copious notes on my phone, mostly blog articles I’ve written up in advance but there’s also a set of notes I keep coming back to and adding to …. and subtracting from …. every so often.  My precious.  My planned play list.  It consists of two things.

  1. Games I fancy buying
  2. Games I own and need to learn the rules of and more importantly get to the table

It’s a movable feast and I never see it gathering moss but equally there’s a number of games there I’ve wanted to play for a while and it’s time to move them along.

First up this year I’m determined I’m going to play KEMET I’m a big fan of Cyclades and I’ve wanted to play Kemet for a long time, I was lucky enough to snag it this Christmas as a gift so that’s first for next Thursday. After that there’s a dozen games I need to get off my shelves and breath life into them.  All deserve a trot around the paddock and that’s what I’m going to do.  So expect some talk about the following.

  • Theseus – The Dark Project
  • Spyrium
  • Camel Up – SUpercup
  • Twilight Imperium
  • Last Will
  • Jerusalem
  • Tash Kalar
  • Earth Reborn
  • Tournay
  • Vasca de Gamma
  • Fauna
  • Battlestar – Exodus
  • Risk – Godstorm
  • Risk – LOTR

I reckon if I get all those played this year I won’t be doing bad.  So, watch this space. 2016 is going to be the best year of gaming yet.





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