The thigh bone’s connected 

Interviewer : “So Reiner Knizia what’s you’re new game like?”

Reiner : “The old one!”

Ilium is a Reiner Knizia medium length worker placement game. It’s not bad. I picked it up cheap at the last Knavecon buy and sell. Well worth what I paid for it. 
The theme is not bad. You control an archeological team and take it in turns to place 1-3 dudes on paths leading to digs that contain various artifact cards with increasing numbers of artifacts of six different types. 
Once paths to a dig are filled with dudes the player with the majority of adjacent workers gets to pick the lowest value artifact from one of the digs on the path. The next highest (with at least half as many workers) gets to pick from the dig at the other end of the path. 

So it continues. The digs emptying out and better and better artifacts being snapped up by various players. Once a certain point it reached its game over count your sets and points.
It’s simple fun. The devil is in the detail. Out representing your opponents and cock blockery is king. There’s skill in here. I like the game. It’s light. If games like splendor appeal to you you’ll find comfort in this game. 
I have some gaming buddies who are bosses at games like this. Luckily I didn’t play them yet at ilium. I did come close to winning. It was a refreshing experience. 
I’d play again. Not rush to play but play happily

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