Die zombie die !


Zombie dice is a very simple push your luck game which you can teach in under a minute. THREE… TWO… ONE… GO!



The game consists of a dozen or so dice of three types. Red, Yellow and you guessed it blue. No Red Yellow and Green.

Each of the dice contain one of three possible faces

Brains : worth one point (whom doesn’t like tasty brains)

Footsteps : reroll

Blast : shot by a shotgun


The green one has mostly brains (easy pickings), The red more blasts and the yellow in between

Each turn you draw three dice at random from the container and decide to roll or stick.

A stack of greens and you’re laughing. A whole passel of reds and it’s a more daunting prospect.

Every brain stays in front of you after a roll, as do the blasts. Rinse and repeat. Wimp out and your opponents (unless also wimpy) may get ahead (and a brain), go for it and you may wind up rolling three Shotgun blasts and end that round and lose all your brains from that round.  sad zombie, zombie sad.

It’s pure push your luck and yes it’s luck based, but then again it’s a calculated risk.

The game ends when someone makes it to 13 or above brains

That’s it.

Its simple fun. Kids love it. So does my gaming group (I’m just saying).  There’s a lovely noisy feel to rolling the dice. The zombie theme fits well (although you could just as easily be rolling for unicorns or bedpans). It’s a little expensive for what it is. 12 dice. But it’s fun and it’s a fine filler for ending an evening or when you’re waiting for a crowd to assemble.


It’s also very scaleable, so it’s possible to have as many players as you like (I don’t recommend above ten, unless of course you run two sets of dice around the table like the Magic Grand Melees of old)(it would still not work but it shows I’m at least thinking)


Worth getting. Have a look around for value


There’s two expansions. Both of each I have and I’ll review in quick succession.  For now





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