Constantinopolis Craving


Constonopolis is like a grown up version of Puerto Rico (we’re all grown ups at Thur night gaming as you know). We’ve spoken about it before (insofar as I’ve spoken about it).  It was the second game of the night so it was like the secondary target in a Flight Sim, didn’t really matter, the main game was played and we could all land happy.

It is worker placement plain and simple. Last Thursdays flavour and it’s not bad at all. I’ve said it before and I’ll say if again (and probably again if allowed) if you haven’t played Puerto Rico you are missing out. If you’ve played a LOT of Puerto Rico then Constonopolis is a fine vapor pen like replacement.

Constonopolis (I’ve said it three times now) has got pretty much all the elements of Puerto but also a bit more. Trading (which I’m not so sure about). Mini missions in the shape of ships and buying of goods as opposed to just growing them.

It doesn’t have colonists to power stuff but that’s not a big loss by any means.


Myself and the group have played a lot of PR and almost solved the game at this stage, so this is new and fresh. I haven’t figured out one way of winning (with this and most games) It’s quite possible to go several routes to gain victory points and as far as I could see each of them was valid.

There’s cock blockery a plenty in the form of bidding and grabbing positions before others do and more importantly overcharging others for certain resources.  Worker placement tends to be awfully polite (well with other groups I assume), lacking the “HA! I just invaded and ruined your epic plan, Squirt some tears punk ” moments.  It’s all a bit more subtle but it’s no less fun for that.

Squeaking ahead on the score or cashing in a bonus and winning at the end never gets old. This is a solid game that gives warm hugs. It’s definitely worth playing but if you haven’t tried Puerto Rico I recommend you start with it first

We had already played one worker placement on the night so this was like a second happy meal in one day.  I’m glad I got this game (It was a swapsee for something else) and I’m going to play it again.  Try and stop me



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