More from last thur and How to be a Good Evil Overlord


Since the village up the road has been suffering biblical floods (probably for sinning) it seemed appropriate to play lords of waterdeep. That plus I didn’t give that much thought about this preamble

Lords of Waterdeep was the darling of Knavecon 1 and 2 and it’s still a crackin game. Truth be told it had been a while since it hit table and i’d forgotten how good it it. It’s very good.  Event without the expansion the base game if wonderful. With the expansion it’s a bit longer but it’s sublime.

photo 1

I’ve ranted about this game before. I probably mentioned that for a pretty simple worker placement game it punches way above its weight. There’s something special about LOWD i have played it a few dozen times and I’m  always more than happy to play it again.

Oh and the fact that I left everyone IN THE DUST from the get go helps a lot. Usually when i play this game someone who shall remain Drax goes out of his way to rain on my parade. The gaming gods were in a good mood and from early on i stole a march on the other players. I landed two 25 point missions in quick succession and the others were hard pressed to catch up. At one stage a player was heard to say “this game is over were fighting for second”.

photo 3

Much as you might think this is a wonderful position to be in.. It’s not. It’s too public. If you’re going to become an accomplished evil overlord the trick is not to do it visibly. Being and Evil overlord is all a out snatching away victory from someone at the last moment. You’re never going to break a spirit if they know it’s coming. Your opponent has to believe they’re winning or at least that victory is in their grasp before you AT THE VERY LAST MOMENT take it away by the smallest or if you prefer largest margin.

Winning a game early is just no good you take your opponents hope and that’s a tragedy. If your going to excel at being an evil bastick pace yourself, don’t expect instant results, be content to be a BIT evil and be comforted by the knowledge that one day you will rule the word (evilly)









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