Magic 7


Seven has always been viewed as a special number. A lucky number, a magic number and funny enough it’s also the mostly likely outcome of rolling two dice.

Seven players on the other hand are a different story. There aren’t all that many games (at least in my library) that will entertain seven together for the whole night without dragging the holy hoop out of things with downtime. There are a few alright Battlestar, eclipse (with the add on), seven wonders but the night took it’s own course when two of the gamers drifted off together like teenagers at a disco to play Magic the Gathering

Let’s talk about the first game we played


Resistance is a mafia type game (werewolf) but without elimination and untidy ripping out of throats. The game will happily support up to ten

It’s fast it’s simple and it’s great fun. Sometimes it’s really really good other times it’s just really good.

At the start a number of cards with rebels (good guys) or spys (not good guys) are dealt out so no one is quite sure of whom each player is (just like werewolf). In the games we played (resistance is like pastilles it’s impossible to have just one)(game) I wasn’t once a spy but do you think I was believed to be a good empire fearing rebel? NOOOOO. “Typical spy talk”, “Vic’s a spy”, “look at the big spy head on him” no one actually said at any stage.

So the good guys lost every game and the spy’s were failing missions in their sleep. It was a disaster and all because no one believed me, even the new guy. I blame myself insofar as I don’t actually blame myself I just need to change tack and reduce the amount of backstabbing I do so one day people will believe me when I make a deal..,, and I can then quickly backstab them

Definitely a game for ten at Knavecon



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