I’m really starting to like Netrunner. That us all. Nothing to see here. Move on

Funny enough I’ve been playing exclusively as corporation. Who’d have though I was a megalomaniac ?

Have the game since Xmas and to be honest it just didn’t beep my jeep when I tried it the first few times. Having played a dozen plus games I’ve cracked and am all in. Not sure it will ever be like the MTG days but it’s damn fine. Top marks to FFG for making this a living rather than a collectable card game. For me anyhoe that war is over

Expect a number amateur and Ill informed posts to follow by and by




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  1. I’ve tried the LotR LCG from Fantasy Flight a few times but struggled getting my head round it. It feels like I’d really enjoy it if I could just figure out how to play the bloody thing!

  2. LotR is a head wrecker for the first few attempts – after that it gets easier to play but very difficult to win! Have a look at a few of the online demos – some of them (especially Watch it Played) are very useful.

  3. Have the game of thrones LCG and found the FFL tutorial helpful. Typical FFL though more than one base game is desirable for play. LOFTR tutorial here but I haven’t checked it:

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