and THEN my head Melted

If you want to bring on a head ache to avoid school or the draft or whatever Dobble is your man.  It is of itself the simplest of all games however it’s frantic and competitive to the point where you want it to stop because Hulk Head Hurt.  (Maybe it’s just me and I should get a check up).  Anyhoe Dobble is piddly simple. It works as follows  BOOM!

Look at the picture I’ve provided first… (not around the picture at the picture)

Each player puts a card in front of them with a number of symbols on it.  Dogs, Card, Anchors, Krakens whatever

then the first card on the stack is turned over and it’s a race to shout out which symbol you have on your card that matches the one on the card in the center.  ALL cards have one symbol that matches another symbol on every card.  yes it’s true.  I’ve checked.  Go on get the grid paper out and work through it.  You see! it’s true all cards related to each other in a family way.

So it’s Snap++. When you get a card you put it down as your play card and another is turned over from the stack and the process repeats.  The person or persons (up to 4) who didn’t get a match have a slight advantage insofar as they’ve been staring at their play card longer than the player who just landed the last match.

With about fifty cards in the stack games usually end in five but definitely not longer than ten minutes (unless you’re taking part in a sleep deprivation experiment for a particularly evil group).

There’s a number of variant games in there, who can get rid of their stacks first, who can match with others and so on but the whole sizzle is matching symbols to another card.

To mix it up the symbols are often different sizes and orientations and (for me anyway) the brain has to spin up to full power to be competitive.  It’s fast, there is no downtime, it’s frantic, there is no time to talk or think, it’s a very intense game and with four other people doing their damndest to beat you it’s hard work.  Certainly not one to play for a long period with adults.  It does however work fantastically with kids.

Kids love this game and you can vary the difficulty with them very easily. It’s also cheap (around €15 or so) and very portable.  If you have kids and you want to introduce them to gaming, this is a great start, if you have a gaming group that consists of big kids this is a winner too.   Personally I have a love hate relationship with this game (I love it, it hates me), not because it’s bad, but because it’s too intense.  Quite a statement, I don’t like a kids game because it’s too intense…..  To paraphrase every cheesy cop movie.  I’m getting too old for this shit 🙂






I’m really starting to like Netrunner. That us all. Nothing to see here. Move on

Funny enough I’ve been playing exclusively as corporation. Who’d have though I was a megalomaniac ?

Have the game since Xmas and to be honest it just didn’t beep my jeep when I tried it the first few times. Having played a dozen plus games I’ve cracked and am all in. Not sure it will ever be like the MTG days but it’s damn fine. Top marks to FFG for making this a living rather than a collectable card game. For me anyhoe that war is over

Expect a number amateur and Ill informed posts to follow by and by




Thur Child is Full of Win – Part 1

photo 1

Why do we love zombies? There’s no denying that zombies are “in” at the moment. TV shows, movies (some of them good), games, books, marches, the real ones outside my window desperately trying to scratch through, calling me to join them in my sleep, we’ve all gone zombie mad!  But what is it about zombies that we really like? Is it that they’re just misunderstood old ragamuffins that need hugs (and brains) or that we love the idea of being a survivor in a world that’s had it’s reset button pressed?

I’ve no idea, nor could I care less 🙂

photo 4

I did however get to play Card of the Dead on Thur night thanks once again to our Polish connection and it’s good solid zombie fun.

Card of the Dead is a card game by AEG with fun cartoony artwork. It’s pure filler and plays out in fifteen or so minutes. It does have the potential to drag on since your move is often a choice between strengthening your own position or screwing someone else’s up. Wild guess which was the popular choice for our group (canned laughter)

photo 2

Players start with a hand of three from an initial pick of eight and during their turn they draw one card and play.  Draw a zombie and you place it in front of you. Draw too many and it’s goodnight zombieville.  Other cards allow you to remove zombies, more importantly move zombies to other players or generally cause them headaches.  Yet more cards have a foot symbol on them with a number.  Get enough of them in front of you and you get to escape leaving all the other players to their grizzly faith.

It’s fun it’s quick, it plays not unlike a whole lot of other filler card games.  The artwork is nice, the production quality good and it’s cheap as chips so if you’re bored of your current filler game and a fan of zombies (as if you weren’t) then you could do worse than this.  Will I rush out and buy it? Nope, I have a stack of fillers and don’t need more, but it’s certainly welcome at my table any time

More Thur to follow



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