Knavecon 2 – Being a Drax Report


The idea for Knavecon was a very simple one.  A boardgaming “night”, but for the whole day and with a few more people.  After the first one which was limited to friends, it’s quadrupled in size and it’s still maintained it’s laid back, friends around a table vibe.


I had a blast on the day, granted we were run off our feet making coffee and registering people but I got to try out some new games, show others how to play a few games I love and enjoy the company of some fantastic people.  Oh and I got to run a big game of werewolf. I LOVE werewolf.

Everything went with military precision on the day, fry up at 9am, doors open at 10 and then people arrived…. and they kept coming.  We were hoping for 40 or so to break-even but we got upwards of 80 people on the day.  They came from all over, Cork, Kerry, Clonmel, Dublin, Wicklow, and Belfast.  They brought their kids, they brought their spouses, some of them brought their own games, some of them borrowed the ones that were there or joined in with others with shouts of  “I need two more for Waterdeep!”,  “Who fancies a game of imperial?”.   Friends who had chatted and gamed online met for the first time in person, gamers who didn’t know there were others living not so far from them got to game, chat and drink coffee together and it all worked out perfectly.

Games were played, bought and traded.  Coffee was quaffed, donuts demolished and still they came.  Tired children were relieved of gaming duty by spouses. Flagging gamers were revived by application of Pizza and chip with oaths sworn of “Gym Tomorrow”.   Dice were rolled and moves made, orders issued and strategies planned, shouts of “HA!” and “AH FECK!” echoed around the room and still they gamed, long into the evening and into the wee hours, some exhausted but thoroughly satisfied with a good days work left the field of battle with words of thanks and queries of when will we meet again?  And I stood amongst it, striding between tables coffee in hand, watching everyone revel in their favourite pastime.  It was the best of times.  Nothing beats a good gaming session and this was truly a good gaming session.

The people who attended on Saturday were stars.  They came, they got stuck in and they had fun, they we’re courteous and helpful and they shared the love of their hobby.  The trade stands that came had a great time and they too got stuck in, abandoned their shop posts and joined in the gaming revelry.

A big thank you goes out to all those who attended, you guys made the day and what a hell of a day it was.

As I write this it’s been a few days since Knavecon ran but people are still talking about it, posting pics, sending texts, PMs, email, organising their own game nights and planning what games to buy.  The main thread being, “we loved it”, “we want more” and “we can’t wait”.  That’s the best accolade we could have hope for.

We are delighted with how it went and I reckon, it’s here to stay.  To paraphrase the game Spartacus, “My Knavecon will Rage on!”

See you all at the next one


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