Warlight is a free online version of the classic RISK.  Now, let’s be clear.  Risk is NOT a brilliant game.  If WOPR was playing Risk it would decide, pretty quickly that it would prefer a nice game of chess but I digress

Risk if you don’t know it is a simple dice based conquest game.  A pretty good gateway game and it’s all fine and dandy until you discover diplomacy or pretty much most other games after that.  It’s a great game if your a kid, it’s definitely better than Monopoly but then again that’s like saying I’m not as bad a serial killer as that other guy.

Warlight is the best implementation I’ve seen and there are a lot of Risk clones out there on a variety of devices.  What distinguishes Warlight from every other one is it’s very polished, it’s got a stack of extras and it’s cross platform.  It’s quite possible to start a game on your phone, play a bit on you PC then switch to your tablet and so on.  Did I mention it’s free?

In it’s favour is it adds a nice few extras so you could call it Risk++.  I like this implementation and I’ve been having fun with it.

The extras are as follows

  • LOTS and I do mean LOTS of extra maps for it
  • Games with more than 6 players
  • Multiple new strategy cards
  • Fog of war (this makes it special)
  • A good community of people

The fog of war makes for a quite different experience.  You’re never sure what you’re opponents are up to because you can only see people beside you.  Take it from me what they’re up to is NEVER good.

It also has a funky levelling up system where you score points for winning games and level up and get access to additional features.  This is clever as it ensures the other players are interested in playing and you don’t wind up in a game where half the players quit straight off.

It’s also quick.

I’ve been enjoying games against friends (particularly the ones I’ve been winning and lording it over them).  I recommend you try it soon






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