Spot Hidden Thur : Being a Drax Report

Well after a thorough read of the rules we were all set for Mansions of Madness. After a full half hour of talking rubbish, drinking coffee and talking more shite, ohhing and ahhing the models, looking at all the extensive cards we agreed it looked like a fantastic game, so we put it away and took out Spartacus with a promise of revisiting MoM real soon. Maybe even next thur.

So it was we had at it with Spartacus once again.

I Totally confused Borys a couple of times during the game, once by being nice to Newton and the second time by flipping a coin to decide something (I hand’t actually said heads or harps I just flipped a coin and said, NO, can’t do it but thanks for them money). The way to go in this game is definitely be the host. a couple of unexpected wins by some underdogs and somehow I convinced people that Borys was Bad and I was good and I cruised home to a handy victory. It was only at the end they copped what I was up to by selling everything i owned and having and unassailable bid for host pushing me over the line. Great game but I think we’ll let it sit now until the expansion arrives

With a tired bunch we decided against K2 but that’s going to be a definite for another night so it was


This is a game that can go terribly right for you or terribly wrong. It’s a wee bit too random for me, but then again I have never won a game of it so I would be critical.

a very early lead by Brian couldn’t be stopped despite our best efforts so some embarrassingly low scores crept in at third and fourth positions.

SO, next week DEFINITELY it’s Mansions of Madness


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2 thoughts on “Spot Hidden Thur : Being a Drax Report

  1. instead of this Kingdoms game we should play Spartacus until 12 influence, I was about to destroy you in next few turns but you decided to finished it early ;))))))))))

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