Audio Books – The Easy Way

I’m a big fan of books but my reading speed due to lack of time and having to move my mouth when I read has led me to a novel solution which I’m going to share with you now.

Pseudo Audio Books


I first came across he idea almost by accident when I was using a Kindle. The old kindle 3 used to have audio and it came with a Text to Speech function which was rudimentary but after a bit of getting used to worked fine. I hooked my kindle into my car speakers via a cassette/MP3 on a long journey and listened to my book. worked a treat. Kindle have since removed the feature to reduce production costs but you can do it yourself if you have a smart phone. Here’s what I recommend

I recommend using Voice Dream.


it’s around €4 for the app on the itunes store and you can buy extra voices for it (I listened to a the windup girl which is set in Thailand with an indian voice, added a lot to it)

if you have an android device I recommend IVONA text to speech

Both are excellent, the voice is probably a tiny bit better on the Ivona but both are excellent.

Listening in your car

I’m assuming if you’re smart enough to get this far you can figure out how to play the audio in your car via a converter. I recommend doing it via Bluetooth if you can for the best quality

and that’s it.

My reading has increased several fold after going this route. contact me if you have any questions


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