One Sentence Reviews


I recently summed up a Boardgame in two words. Here’s my attempt at a few more one sentence reviews….

The Walking dead = Undead snake
Talisman = Ludo+
Relic = Ludo++
Risk = RSI back stabbing
Diplomacy = Friend ender
The Resistance = First to talk is the traitor
Skull and Roses = Break their mind
Twilight Struggle =Ever increasing Plate spinning
Puerto Rico = Just buy corn
Lords of Waterdeep = Big quests win, nice box
Battlestar Galactica = Probably is Cylon
Descent = Grown up heroquest
Pirates Cove  = Build ship Avoid fights
Constonopolis = Puerto Rico+
Through the Ages = Blind man Civ
Nations = through the Ages 2.0
Sid Meirs Civilization = First to fly wins
Galaxy Trucker = Keep quiet and grab the shields
7 Wonders = Lucky Pierre
Augustus = Roman bingo
Junta  = It’s always a bad year
Spartacus = Get one good warrior early
Heroquest = Always search
Warrior Knights = Barely warmed up
Citadels = Thief wins
Tsuro = Nothing to see over here
Game of Thrones = North is screwed
Modern Art =Chaos math
Zombicide = Oops my bad
Attack! = Posh Risk
Robo Rally = Dizzy racing
Eclipse = More missiles
El Grande = Omnipresence
Coup = Can’t be sure
Cards against humanity = So I’m not the only pervent
Boss Monster = Everyone loves 8 bit
Imperial = You don’t own it
Serinissima = Seamen
Death Angel = Game Over Man
Small World = Trolls win
Fury of Dracula = Fighty Scotland Yard
Letters from Whitechapel = Scotland Yard+
a Study in Emerald = A fine stew
Age of empires = I call shotgun!
Rex final days of an Empire = the Cats have it
Mansions of Madness = Long setup
Lord of the Rings = Coop hate
Cold War CIA v KGB = Blackjack plus

Feel free to add you own!

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One thought on “One Sentence Reviews

  1. In the spirit of the first part…

    Game of Thrones = Diplomacy + shiny
    The Resistance = ‘tag: you’re it!’ + cards
    Cosmic Encounter = randomly punching friends in the arm game + space ships (and cards)

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