Die Another Day


Zombie Dice 2 is a three dice expansion for the base game.   It’s called “double feature” as in a Matinee Movie and Stars three new dice.

the Hunk (let’s assume his name is Brad) : Lots of shotguns, including a deadly double shotgun, but also a double brain, so this dice is a real gamble when it turns up.  In addition if he shoots you and you happen to have the Hottie or Santa Claus in your brain pile he rescues them and you lose their brains.  Boo hiss!  he’s behind you etc.

The Hottie : a Pink Dice  (of course) has a lot more run aways.  The pink dice is a real pain the snag and as slippery as a greased up deaf guy

And the piece of resistance

Santa Claus : This is the most interesting of the dice, as well as featuring the normal brain and blasts, you can make out like a bandit with this dice as he features presents of and energy drink which allows you to catch up and change run aways to brains (red bull does indeed give you wings) and a Helmet that allows you to take four shotgun blasts rather than the normal three that lesser less helmeted zombies succumb to


As expansions go, it’s a bit expensive for what you get. It’s a tenner or so for three dice and two of them are pretty boring.  That said, if you’re willing to fork out it does fit in well with the base game and just like an object of beauty it’ll be a joy forever.

I’ve had the expansion for a long time and it does improve the game.  Shop around and see what you can get it for



Burinating the Peasants!


When I was a kid I used to watch British wrestling on Saturday mornings. Giant haystacks eh.. Other fellas and that was grand and dandy. It was a diversion, I knew it was all made up and I was nonplussed by the whole thing

Now I have some gaming buddies* who LOVE wrestling or more accurately watching others do it OR they did like wrestling when they were younger. I never really got it maybe that’s why I’m nonplussed by luchador. It could also be that it’s a bit too simple and samey or a couple of games are not enough to appreciate it. Either ways it’s not beeping my jeep

Luchador is a dice based combat game where wrestlers duke it out in a small cardboard ring WWE style. It’s small, portable and fairly cheap. It’s ok. It’s just ok. Bit like bread ,grand but nothing to get exited a about

You can play tag team matches too which is the standard game plus a couple of extra rules for tagging out. When I see rules written like you must high five or it doesn’t count I groan internally

Each round players simultaneously throw four wrestle dice onto the ring which is around 10″ square or if you think in metric 10″ square go google a conversion

The idea is to land your dice inside the ring and hopefully knock your opponents out. Only dice in the ring count. There is Zero skill in this just blind luck

The dice have a number of sides


Misses miss. Counters change an opponents hit into one for you. Blocks block a hit and pins can happen if the opponents energy is low enough.

You can reroll pins.

Get a hit and you roll a damage dice and hopefully reduce your opponents energy a bit. Get two hits and you can roll a special move that May or may not do a lot of damage.

The game comes with a number of wrestlers all of which are slightly different to each other insofar as Duff original, Duff lite and Cherry Duff are different to each other

I would really like someone to tell me I’ve played this wrong or there’s an advanced set of rules that make it better but for me anyhoe I wasn’t gone on it. I thought it was as skillful as a national lottery game and just plain dull.

I’m sorry but not for me

I can barely Huzzah!




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