Partner Swapping at Knavecon

keys shutterstock 34795993

Fancy trying something different at the next Knavecon ?  It’s been a trend for a lot of seasoned games to come to Knave and join in with their regular gaming group.  Nothing wrong with that.  It’s a bit like going searching out a Tesco or Irish Pub when on holidays. Personally I think you can have a lot of fun if you join in with other groups at least for one game.  So here’s an idea.  Why not play ONE game at Knavecon 13 with a different group of gamers.  Maybe a random one.  We’re going to facility this by facilitating a “speed dating” function where we draw a group of gamers out of a hat and have them play together.  NOW it’s optional.  Like everything at Knave and like everything new that comes to Knavecon it might work it might not so let’s see how it goes.

I’d appreciate your feedback on the idea before I go to the trouble of getting a hat





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