Altar of the Innocent

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Knavecon 13 is fast approaching.  Following up on our recent podcast about bringing new players into the fold,  we’ve decided to setup a table for new gamers to try out gaming possibly for the first time.  A rotating group of experienced Knaves will take new gamers through a number of gateway games (all pretty short) and get them up to speed on the hobby.  So if you’re new to gaming, if you have friends coming with you, send to the Altar of Innocence and we’ll sort them out.   good and proper



One thought on “Altar of the Innocent

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  1. Altar of Innocence 🙂 haha Very funny.
    Nice “non-threatening” name. You must have chosen Diplomacy as the gateway game for that table. Only the strong will make it to the level 2, next-step games, table.

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