Bang! and sherrif’s gone

Bang the dice game is the love child of zombie dice and Bang! the card game (I reckon it was unexpected and there was drink involved). 
Bang dice is a classic filler. Small, portable, easy to learn and totally forgettable. A filler game is like a best supporting actor. They’re important but they rarely get much screen time or talked about afterwards. 
Bang dice is a Yahtzee em’ up. Everyone sits In a conspirital circle. You roll five Identical custom dice with the following faces 
1 and 2 : shoot someone one to two players away. 
Beer : gain a health point
Dynamite: get three of these and lose a health point. Also they can’t be re rolled
Arrow.: take an arrow token from the pile. Once the pile of a dozen or so runs out the Indians attack giving you wounds equal to amount of arrows you’re carrying 
Gatling gun: roll three and you inflict one wound on everyone else and return all your arrow tokens. (Important to make the whole cranking handle action when you do).
The idea is to smoke your enemies but right there it gets a bit complex. At the start players secretly draw role cards
Sheriff : shows his card and takes two extra life points. 
Everyone else’s role is hidden and the number of each varies depending on how many players take part (up to 8)
We have the deputies who win if the sheriff survives. The outlaws who win if the sheriff dies and the renegade who wins if he’s the last one standing. 
The trick is to figure out what the other players are up to. Shooting the sheriff is usually an indicator you’re an outlaw. Figure out the rest yourself. 
Each player also starts with a random character with a particular skill like gaining one life at the start of a turn or immune to dynamite. All with suitable gunslinger names. 
The game is fast and fun. It’s a deduction style game but very simple and fast. With three to four players it’s just a simple dice chucker but from six players on it gets a lot more interesting as deducing whom the outlaws and bandits are is key. The game lends itself readily to western movie quotes and while it lasts it’s fun. I’d rank it up there with coup as a good solid filler  
I picked up the expansion for it which I’m eager to try out and I’ll review that soon when I do. 
Bang! Itself has been around for a while and is also a good filler game. Bang! The dice game seems like the younger cooler brother of bang and is well worth trying out. I’ll have it at Knavecon and we can have a game then hombre 

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